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Solar Panels for Offices

At Low Carbon Energy, we’ve created energy-efficient solar panel solutions for offices across the UK and Ireland. In turn, these office spaces have transformed to become the cutting-edge workplaces of today.

Some of the benefits of self-funded solar PV systems include reduced energy costs, reduced carbon emissions, and an opportunity to grow a second source of income. Of course, these perks apply to corporate landlords too.

Invest In Solar Panels For Cheaper Electricity

  • Long established supplier to offices
  • Cutting edge solutions to help your business lead the way
  • Trusted, qualified and experienced in working within a range of environments
  • Carbon Trust partner
  • Guaranteed savings on your energy bills
  • Helping make your office space more eco-friendly
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your office and business requirements
  • Complete turnkey operation with no disruption to your business

Case Study

Rossendale Borough Council Solar Installation

The solar panel design Low Carbon Energy used is sleek and modern. The single row landscape orientated modules blend seamlessly in into the landscape and will produce around 80,000 kWh...

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Benefits for office premises, tenants and landlords

As an office landlord, your solar panel system will ensure reduced energy bills for tenants and promise an attractive office space – satisfying current tenants and attracting future ones. Solar PV systems also help meet ESOS needs, increasing the energy efficiency of an office space portfolio – an essential requirement of the ESOS assessment. If eligible, free solar may be available to office owners through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Solar panels are just the start to your renewable energy future. If you’re transforming your office space, why not consider other energy-efficient solutions too – like our LED Lighting?

Why offices should invest in solar panels?

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