Maintenance & Asset Management
Maintenance & Asset Management
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Maintenance & Asset Management

Asset Management is a holistic service in which our experts track and manage all aspects of your solar installation – both tangible and intangible – to continually optimise its profitability, efficiency and operational lifespan.

Asset Management encompasses not just the physical condition and performance of the installation, but also all its financial and administrative aspects too – including data collection, compliance and warranties, any legal obligations, and documentation (such as those relating to PPAs, leases, credit agreements and vendor agreements).

A well documented solar asset is likely to sell at better conditions, or be refinanced on better terms, and help ensure that you’re able to benefit from any relevant schemes or government incentives that you may be eligible for.

This holistic approach of Asset Management makes it distinct from Operation and Maintenance, which tends to have a tighter focus on the physical condition of the equipment or components of the solar installation.

Asset Management can be fragmented into three different spheres:



Focused on the monitoring and reporting of real-time and estimated power generation of the installation, ensuring that it’s meeting generation targets and taking remedial or preventative action where necessary. Data collection and physical Operations and Maintenance both come under Technical Asset Management.



Concerns the tracking of costs, warranties, and any legal or regulatory obligations that the system has to fulfil. These obligations often serve as prerequisites that must be met before the owner or operators can start benefiting from any nationwide incentives or schemes.



Concerned with the tracking and reporting of investment performance, and can encompass tax preparation, equity management, and insurance administration. Precise tracking of the system’s financial returns makes it easier ensure that it’s meeting required targets, which can be a big help if it’s ever to be sold further down the line.

Low Carbon Energy’s Asset Management Services

Here at Low Carbon Energy, our decades of expertise allows us to offer a fully comprehensive Asset Management service that provides total peace of mind. We have a deep understanding of not just the technology underpinning your solar panels, but also the regulatory and legal processes that govern them, so we can take care of everything from preventative maintenance to enhancing performance through detailed data analysis.

All this gives you the freedom to focus on the day-to-day running of your business as you reap maximum rewards from your solar panel system – including a reduced carbon footprint, cost savings, enhanced energy independence and security, and ultimately a solid Return on Investment.

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Benefits Of Asset Management:

  • price icon Ensures peak efficiency and performance levels are maintained, with constant data analysis and processing
  • tools icon Preventative maintenance saves on unnecessary repair costs, while maximising operational lifespan
  • time icon Saves you time and hassle of tracking concurrent legal obligations, regulations and agreements
  • cost icon Lowers the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), and ensures a solid Return on Investment


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