Battery Storage
Battery Storage
Enjoy more control over your generated energy

What is commercial battery storage?

Battery storage is a natural complement to Solar Generation and Electric Vehicle charging. While solar panels allow you to generate your own energy, batteries allow you to build up on-site reserves to use how you see fit, giving you greater control over the energy you generate.

The use of battery systems is rapidly growing worldwide, and costs are falling accordingly. At Low Carbon Energy, we draw on 30 years of expertise to design a system that’s tailored to suit your individual organisation.

We work with a number of leading battery storage providers in the UK, and as part of our service we’ll seek grid permission on your behalf (a process which can take up to 3 months). We’ll also always begin by collecting energy data from your organisation so we can accurately profile your usage, helping us to design a system that provides you with the most commercial benefit.

Key benefits of commercial battery storage

Commercial battery storage provides greater energy security, efficiency, and greater independence from the National Grid. Best of all, by giving you a ready-made reserve of self-generated energy, it gives you more control over how best to use it.

For example, you may choose to boost your overall energy efficiency by drawing on your own reserves at peak times, or simply sell this excess energy directly back to your supplier for profit. Stored energy can also serve as a useful backup supply in case of power outages. These are just a few examples!

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Battery storage benefits, in brief:

  • solar icon Storing solar energy
  • revenue icon Generating additional revenue
  • load shift icon Load shifting
  • peak icon Peak shifting
  • fossil fuel icon Reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  • icon Energy security


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