Energy Brokers/Partnership Program

Energy Brokers/Partnership Program

Here at The Low Carbon Energy Company we understand the need to work in partnership with our clients and other providers. We are great at what we do and don’t pretend to be something we aren’t. Our customers respect our honesty and by referring in other providers of different solutions they see we are acting in their best interests.

That’s why our partnership scheme has become such a success.

Recently as an energy broker, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to offer an attractive rate on electric bills to the customers. It’s more a case of mitigating against constantly rising energy prices.

Good brokers wanting to deliver best value to their client and retain the trust and long-term relationships are advising that Solar PV can be a very effective part of the solution to long term, secure low-cost electric.

As a multi award winning provider and one of the UK leading installers that’s where we come in. We are looking for more Energy Brokers, Commercial Landlords, or anybody else who may know somebody who would benefit from Solar PV on their commercial premises to work alongside us delivering the most cost effective and eco-friendly energy solutions to their customers.

Competitively priced systems that guarantee savings to your client have got to help in securing their long-term business.

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