solar panels in manufacturing companies

Helping Manufacturing Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Solar panel systems help manufacturing companies protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions as well as reduce energy bills

Solar Panels for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have made up a huge proportion of our clientele at Low Carbon Energy. And with potential to generate whopping amounts of solar power and make huge savings on energy intensive processes, it’s no surprise.

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The large roof spaces that usually accompany warehouses make manufacturing businesses in this industry well suited to solar PV. What’s more, the solutions don’t have to be pricey either. With a number of initiatives available, you may even qualify for a free solar PV system.

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Affordable solutions boasting numerous benefits for manufacturing companies

If your manufacturing company in housed in a building with a large roof, you may be able to take advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). If successful, you’ll have a solar panel system installed at no cost, plus savings on your energy bills for duration of the 20-40 year term. If you’re able to self-fund your own system, the returns will be even greater!

Of course, all the usual benefits apply too when you choose solar PV. You can expect greatly reduced energy bills and a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, helping your business meet its green targets. In turn, this will also improve your supply chain relationships by reducing your carbon footprint.

Invest In Solar Panels For Cheaper Electricity

  • Long established supplier to the manufacturing industry
  • Trusted, qualified and experienced in working within a range of environments
  • Carbon Trust partner
  • CHAS accredited contractor
  • Guaranteed savings on your energy bills
  • Helping reduce your carbon footprint
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Complete turnkey operation with no disruption to your business

Why manufacturing companies should invest in solar panels?

“We are investing in our future through solar PV and protecting ourselves from inevitable energy price rises.”
John Whittle, Director, Loxit Limited

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