solar panels in manufacturing companies

Helping Manufacturing Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Solar panel systems help manufacturing companies protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions as well as reduce energy bills

Solar Panels for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have made up a huge proportion of our clientele at Low Carbon Energy. UK plc has the potential to generate significant amounts of solar power and make further huge savings on energy intensive processes. Our customers are creating significant commercial advantage by reducing their energy to 2p per kwh and cutting thousands of tonnes of CO2

Previously unused roof spaces make manufacturing businesses ideal for solar PV. Reduced bills, significant carbon savings, meeting ISO and CSR commitments, securing position in the supply chain adding value to the property are all reasons our clients and businesses just like yours have made the investment in solar. Future proofing your business with our battery storage and smart energy trading are available to companies like yours wanting to secure their future position in the market .

Why Invest Solar PV?

  • Pay less than 2p per watt for your electricity.
  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 90%
  • Guaranteed returns & ROI in excess of 20%
  • 100% Asset finance available.
  • Meet CSR objective
  • Secured electricity for 25 years
  • Low maintenance
  • No disruption to your business

Case Study

Stells - Solar PV Installation

Stells Solar PV Installation

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Affordable solutions boasting numerous benefits for manufacturing companies

If your manufacturing company in housed in a building with a large roof, you may be able to take advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). If successful, you’ll have a solar panel system installed at no cost, plus savings on your energy bills for duration of the 20-40 year term. If you’re able to self-fund your own system, the returns will be even greater!

Of course, all the usual benefits apply too when you choose solar PV. You can expect greatly reduced energy bills and a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, helping your business meet its green targets. In turn, this will also improve your supply chain relationships by reducing your carbon footprint.

Why manufacturing companies should invest in solar panels?

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