solar in hospitality sector

The hospitality sector is an energy intensive industry and Solar PV helps reduce energy bills.
Our Solar Panel installations have been successfully installed across the UK hospitality sector.

Solar Panels for the Hospitality Industry

From hotels to conference venues, our renewable energy solutions have been adopted across the hospitality industry. Solar panels are just one of our energy efficient solutions that’s been proven to deliver results, lowering the costs of energy bills and offering a second income stream for organisations in the hospitality sector.

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If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll know they rely heavily on power and technology. Whether it’s lighting, computer systems, air conditioning or state-of-the-art equipment, it can all be powered efficiently by solar.

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  • Carbon Trust Energy
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  • Energy Efficiency
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  • Free Solar
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Customer We’ve Helped Get Energy Security

Bellingham Camping and Caravan Site

Like most, David and Johanna, franchisees of their business, wanted to make the most of their opportunity and maximise their profits. As their business was also heavily reliant on guests...

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Choose from a variety of ways to finance your installation

Whether you’re a single site business or a multi-site hospitality group, a self-funded solar PV system is a great idea. It will help you to save money on one of your biggest bills – electricity, and give you the opportunity for a second income stream via the Government’s feed-in tariff.

If you’re part of a larger multi-site group, you may also be able to benefit from free solar, through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). If successful, you’ll have a free solar PV system installed and maintained for 20-40 years. Benefits include zero initial costs and reduced electricity costs from then on, as you purchase your generated electricity at an extremely affordable pre-agreed rate.

For the ultimate in cutting-edge solutions, why not pair your solar panels with our other renewable energy solutions? LED Lighting and Infrared Heating can save you thousands too.

Invest In Solar Panels For Cheaper Electricity

  • Long established supplier to hospitality venues
  • Trusted, qualified and experienced in working within a range of environments
  • Carbon Trust partner
  • Guaranteed savings on your energy bills
  • Helping make your establishment more eco-friendly
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Option to pair solar PV with other fantastic energy efficient solutions
  • Complete turnkey operation with no disruption to your business

Why the hospitality industry should invest in solar panels?

"There was really no other option than solar PV. Not only does it help us meet all our financial targets, it also gives us peace of mind that we’re doing something great for the environment."
Joanna and David, Franchisees, Bellingham Camping and Caravan Club

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