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We've helped many SME's farmers and public sector organisations save thousands with solar panels

Solar Panels – Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Have you ever considered installing solar panels either at home or at your business premises?

Well, to help you decide, ask yourself this:

Are you fed up of year-on-year rises on the cost of energy?

Do you want to save money and do something great for the environment?

If the answer yes, solar is definitely the choice for you. It’s the only energy solution to transform the future for your business or home.

Easy Ways To Pay

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    For The Whole System
  • Carbon Trust Energy
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  • Energy Efficiency
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Customer We’ve Helped Get Energy Security

Burnley College Solar Panel Installation

After discussing targets, emissions and finances with Burnley College, the team at Low Carbon Energy were able to develop a solar panel solution that gave the college everything they needed....

Why choose solar panels?

Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity, using just the power of the sun. We’ve helped many SME’s, farmers, public sector organisations and businesses save thousands of pounds through the use of solar panels – while helping them meet their carbon reduction commitment at the same time!

Solar panels will help to reduce your long-term energy costs, whilst giving peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to save the environment.

Not only that, but by taking advantage of other energy saving solutions, such as battery storage – which allows you to store the excess electricity generated during the day, and use it for ‘free’ overnight – you can really take closer control of the energy costs for your business or home.

It’s not just businesses that are turning to renewable energy from Solar Panels!

Forward thinking homeowners are also feverishly fitting solar panels to their homes in a bid to reduce those ever increasing energy bills.

To find out more about how you could save money for your business with Low Carbon Energy, take a look at our other core services, including battery storage, energy monitoring and LED lighting.

Invest In Solar Panels For Cheaper Electricity

  • Guaranteed savings on energy bills
  • Guaranteed 20 years cash back payments
  • Typical R.O.I. in excess of 20%
  • Guaranteed Annual CO2 Savings
  • Energy Security
  • Low rate unsecured finance options
  • No disruption to your business

Solar panels can safeguard the future of your business

Our Process

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“We are investing in our future and protecting ourselves from inevitable energy price rises.”
John Whittle, Director, Loxit Limited

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