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Solar panels for commercial and business premises


More and more enterprises are benefiting from installing commercial and business solar panels to help reduce energy bills and reduce carbon footprint.

With over a decade of experience in installing business and commercial solar panels across the UK, at Low Carbon Energy, we’ve provided a vast range of energy-saving solutions to business premises large and small.

To date, we’ve installed over 12MW (48,000 panels) of commercial solar, and have implemented commercial solar systems ranging from 10kw much larger 2MW systems – all on various types of roof structures within many challenging environments.

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Commercial Solar Panel Solutions In The UK And Ireland

Though we’re headquartered in Lancashire, UK, in recent years we’ve expanded our presence to Galway in Ireland. Ever since then, we’ve been delivering outstanding results for a range of organisations across a variety of sectors. Our experience with solar PV in Ireland means we’re able to help our Irish customers make significant savings on their energy bills, cut their carbon footprint, meet their sustainability objectives and secure their energy supply for years to come.

Some of our previous happy customers include Irish water, the national water utility of Ireland – we produced a 100kWp solar PV system, saving them 52,739kg of carbon emissions annually, while generating 87,899 kWh of clean electricity every year. You can read more about the project over in our case studies.

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Financial Benefits of Solar Panels For Businesses

One of the most obvious and attractive financial benefits of commercial solar is that is allows you to rely less on the National Grid. That means you benefit from reduced utility costs and increased energy security – since you’re not drawing from the national supply, you’re not as heavily affected by all the spikes and troughs in the market. (That’s especially valuable in today’s turbulent climate!)

There’s also the fact that if your surplus energy ends up exceeding your usage as a business, you can even sell it back to the National Grid for profit, making it a handy additional income stream. 

Commercial solar panels are cheap to install, and most will often pay for themselves in a relatively short timeframe. The technology is already up to 70% cheaper than it was in 2010, and getting cheaper all the time. Crucially, solar panels are very low-maintenance, so you can rely on them to maintain peak efficiency for a very long time. 

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Environmental Benefits Of Solar Panels For Commercial Premises

Commercial solar panels provide a reliable and effective way of reducing your climate footprint, which often makes them an integral part of any long-term sustainability strategy. The volume of carbon emissions you could potentially save can be especially high if you run a corporation, or a business with lots of power-intensive facilities and assets, such as a manufacturing company.

Alongside this, they can serve as a very clear and visible sign of your green credentials. This can put you one step ahead of your competitors in today’s increasingly climate-conscious society, where customers, investors and business partners are often making decisions about which businesses to associate with  based on their commitment to climate or environmental goals. Many investors in particular are using the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance) to ethically judge their investments. You can find out more about this over on our CSR page at Low Carbon Energy.

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Roof Mounted Solar Panels Businesses

Roof-mounted commercial solar panel installations are the default for many businesses, especially those working in factories and other large commercial or industrial sites, as it allows them to make highly effective use of a space that generally would have gone unutilised otherwise. The size of a roof-mounted installation is dependent on a couple of factors – not just how much available space you have on your roofs, but also your specific energy profile (which we can calculate on your behalf here at Low Carbon Energy, drawing on our own industry-leading expertise).

In case you’re wondering, you’re unlikely to need planning permission for your roof mounted commercial solar panel installation, as the majority of them fall under the category of Permitted Development. This varies slightly if you’re trying to have it installed on (or very close to) a listed building, but if that’s the case, we can always provide you with tailored support and advice as to your available options.

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Ground Mounted Solar Panels For Business And Commercial Use

The requirements for ground mounted solar panels are slightly more stringent than they are for roof mounted installations – but only slightly. As you’d expect, ground-mounted installations have the potential to affect their immediate surroundings a bit more than their roof-mounted counterparts, and so most of the planning stipulations are focused on limiting the possibility for any negative aesthetic or practical impacts.

For example, the size of the array should be no more than 9 square metres, or 3m wide by 3m deep. Similarly, they have to be installed at least 5m from the boundary of a property. In the exact words of the government’s planning portal, a ground mounted solar installation “should be sited, so far as is practiceable, to minimise its effect on the amenity of the area”. That may make them a trickier option for smaller businesses, but don’t forget our experts are always on hand to lend their expertise here at Low Carbon Energy. Just call us on 01282 421 489.

Why Install Solar Panels For Your Business?

No matter what your sector or industry, rest assured your business can reap huge advantages from installing commercial solar panels.

Whether you’re looking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint or future proof your business energy supply, the installation of commercial solar panels can offer your business the perfect energy solution.

For a significant number of our customers, the recent exponential rise in energy prices has been a major factor in their decision to get commercial solar panels. So far, there have been no signs of these price rises tapering off at any point in the immediate future, so future-proofing your business against them has never been so important. Commercial solar panels protect you from market fluctuations by allowing you to forward-buy your energy at more economical prices – blunting the impact of high energy bills, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Why Invest In Solar PV?

  • bulb icon Enjoy a levelised cost of electricity (potentially as as low as £0.03/kWh) for your energy
  • icon Significantly reduce your energy usage and spend
  • finance icon 100% asset finance available
  • icon Meet your CSR objectives
  • icon Secured electricity for 25 years
  • icon Low maintenance
  • icon Minimal disruption to your business

Business Solar Installation Case Studies

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