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Cold Storage Refrigeration
Optimise energy usage for cold storage facilities
Cold Storage Refrigeration

Cold Storage Refrigeration

Refrigerated warehouses have one of the highest electric energy consumption rates in the commercial building sector.

The constant refrigeration of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods typically accounts for more than 70% of the overall electricity usage for cold storage facilities, so energy management and optimisation will always remain a key priority.

That’s where we can help. With our 30 years of combined experience behind us here at Low Carbon, we’re able to help you optimise your energy usage with a bespoke solar panel installation that’s tailored to your requirements and individual energy profile, helping you realise significant savings on one of your highest operating expenses.

Find out how we can help you switch to renewable energy by phoning us on 01282 421 489 in the UK and on 00 353 913 981 80 in Ireland or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

Why Use Solar Panels For Your Cold Storage Facilities?

A bespoke solar panel installation can help deliver significant cost savings – often into the thousands of pounds – while also providing a range of further benefits, such as helping you to increase your energy independence and security, thereby future-proofing your business against steadily rising energy prices.

Solar panels also provide a reliable and effective way to reduce your carbon emissions output, which is often a challenge with facilities that require a near-constant supply of energy. This carbon emissions reduction can not only help you meet your own sustainability targets, but also help attract new investors and customers in an increasingly environmentally-conscious age.

Why Invest In Solar PV?

  • bulb icon Enjoy a levelised cost of electricity (potentially as as low as £0.03/kWh) for your energy
  • icon Significantly reduce your energy usage and spend
  • finance icon 100% asset finance available
  • target icon Meet your CSR objectives
  • icon Secured electricity for 25 years
  • icon Low maintenance
  • icon Minimal disruption to your business

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