Solar Panel Maintenance Package

Drax customers can benefit from our excellent operations & maintenance services at an exclusive rate

Maintenance Approach

The Low Carbon Energy Company has a wealth of experience installing and maintaining renewable energy systems including solar PV (photovoltaic). We provide a unified and pro-active approach to renewable energy through our asset management and operations and maintenance (O&M) service.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider having a maintenance package in place for your PV system:

Protect product warranties: All the warranties on key components (Panels, Inverters & Mounting) insist that to be upheld, the preventative maintenance actions must be taken annually as per the datasheets and user guides.

Protect system performance: Having a maintenance package in place can not only stop a fall in system performance but can actually improve performance in the future.

Improve ROI: Having an O&M package in place will ensure optimal performance and reduce system downtime.

In the long run this can have a positive effect on overall system ROI over its lifetime.

Appease insurance requirements: Insurance companies are now insisting that as part of the overall building maintenance solar PV plants are included.

Maintenance Packages

The services we offer will ensure your system continues to deliver at optimal levels.

  • Dedicated Helpline

  • Call Out Service

  • Annual Service

  • Scheduled Testing and Inspection

  • Reporting

  • Set up of

  • Panel Cleaning

  • Thermographic

  • Replacement of

Maintenance Pricing

Drax customers can access our excellent O&M services at an exclusive discount


System Size

Cost Per kW

50 – 100


100 – 250


250 – 500


500 – 1000


1000 +


Drax Customer Price

System Size (kW)

Cost Per kW

50 – 100


100 -250


250 – 500


500 – 1000


1000 +


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Solar Panel Maintenance Package

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