Smart Energy Solution

What Is Our Smart Energy Solution?

Our Smart Energy Solution is a ‘managed energy services package’; an integrated offering composed of several separate but complementary services. Each one has been carefully selected to play a key part in the package as a whole, and together they provide:

  • Renewable Resources
    Reliable & Cheap Energy Generation
  • High-Tech Energy Storage
    High-Tech Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency
    Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • Maximum Financial Gains
    Maximum Financial Gains
    (and minimal costs)
  • Affordable Financing
    Affordable Financing
    For All The Above

Many of these technologies and services are provided by other leading energy services companies, in partnership with Low Carbon Energy.

Why Should You Choose Our Smart Energy Solution?

We recognise that every one of our clients is different, so this Smart Energy Solution is tailored specifically to your business for maximum efficiency.

At Low Carbon we provide consultancy and first-class industry expertise to help you define your ‘energy profile’ – in other words, your ideal rate of energy consumption.

Using this information, we then adapt our Smart Energy Solution to fit your energy profile. When this initial planning phase is complete, we begin installing the physical architecture (such as the solar panels) on-site.

The final result is a comprehensive energy management system that gives you an unparalleled degree of control over how, where and when you consume energy.

The package is underpinned by a de-risked finance plan and an EPC (Energy Performance Contract) that are both specifically designed to minimise financial challenges for our clients, so that you can quickly and affordably start reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions, with the minimum of financial stress.

 Solar PV Solutions

Maximise Energy Gain with Solar PV Solutions from Low Carbon Energy

We are a multi-service renewable energy company who specialises in solar photovoltaic systems. Solar PV renowned in the industry for being:

  • Safe and secure
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick to deploy
  • Guaranteed an infinite energy supply

Our credentials speak for themselves; Low Carbon Energy will have delivered over 20MW of commercial solar power systems by the end of 2017, and the total savings we’ve helped make for all our customers number well into the hundreds of thousands. By streamlining your energy efficiency with the help of solar PV, Low Carbon Energy can help lead your company to a brighter, cleaner future.

HYbrid Energy Solutions

Smart Storage with HYbrid Energy Solutions

HYbrid Energy Solutions is a young, innovative company that is amongst the organisations revolutionising battery storage.

It specialises in combining energy sources and smart controls; its smart storage technology uses industry-leading components, and can:

HYbrid Energy Solutions
  • Store excess power from local generation
  • Store power from the utility at the lowest tariff rates available
  • Instantly release any imported energy
  • Reduce peak power consumption
  • Generate revenue streams from grid support services
  • Provide clean, stable power
  • Act as an Uninterrupted Power Supply

These are all enviable claims in today’s energy industry, and amongst the reasons that HYbrid’s product range is considered some of the most cutting-edge battery storage technology available.

How HYbrid Energy Solutions Works

Optimise Cost with Predictive Control Systems

Predictive Control Systems

Another company with an remarkable service offering, Predictive Control Systems minimises electricity costs for large consumers using its dynamic, predictive technology.

The PCS system monitors and optimises energy usage throughout the day, reflexively responding to changing circumstances. It also predicts the varying peaks of electricity costs, helping consumers to switch to the cheapest available electricity from the day-ahead or wholesale market.

In these ways, this impressive piece of technology can contribute to massive savings on customers’ energy bills.

Benefits Of Predictive Control Systems

  • Increases day-to-day energy efficiency
  • Helps customers stay ahead of market prices
  • Automatically and reliably achieves to within as low as 5% of theoretical absolute minimum electricity costs
  • Saves customers up to 25% on total bottom line electricity costs

Affordable Finance Packages from Green Management Capital Ventures

GMCV offers customers a regulator-approved finance package, allowing them to deploy integrated energy solutions from the partners at zero upfront capital cost. Instead, a monthly service cost is paid once the system is operational.

Upfront costs can prove a barrier to some of our customers, and many of them find that this alternative way of paying makes the systems more affordable. Ultimately, it allows them to quickly make the move and reap the benefits of cleaner, greener energy with no detriment to their finances.

We Help You To Unlock Your Energy Potential

Together, the Smart Energy Solution partners can offer a potent combination of services tailored to meet site-specific needs. We empower our clients to take greater control of their energy generation; providing greater energy security, future flexibility and considerable cost savings.

All these systems are scalable according to the needs of the client, and can be readily deployed. We use clear, structured reporting to demonstrate their progress, and the rewards they offer.

If you’d like to take advantage of our combined energy-saving technology and expertise, contact Low Carbon Energy on 08456 808 963 or email info@Lowcarbonenergy.Co

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