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Our Smart Energy Solution is a ‘managed energy services package’; an integrated offering composed of several separate but complementary services.

The energy market is on the verge of a revolution.

Governments are committed to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions and legislation is biting. Add to this the commitment to all electric vehicles, a failing grid and increasing demands and you end up with a situation where energy price rises of 25% as has happened this year will happen into the medium term.

Our approach is to first understand where you are in terms of your business and energy usage. From here, together we can plan a journey to reducing your cost and carbon reduction. New technologies, smart software, AI (artificial intelligence) are all now available.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for anyone, and our experts at Low Carbon Energy will work with you at on a level that suits you. This can be an hourly basis, project specific or on a retained basis.

There are many and varied reasons for taking a look at reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions. Just a few include:

  • Regulatory commitments
  • Supply chain pressures
  • A desire to improve your bottom line
  • A need to secure your energy supply
  • Prohibitive costs of upgrading energy supplies
  • Your customers perceptions of your green credentials

In each case, we develop our approach based on our client’s specific needs. That means we can’t make any recommendations until we talk to you – but once we do, you can count on us to be the perfect partner to deliver your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

How Does It Work?

Its long been our aim to bring our customers not only the ability to generate their own energy but also to store and trade that energy. That aim is about to be realised.

We are now in a position to offer our new and existing customers the option to get out of the clutches of the large centralised providers.

With smart technology its simple and interconnects solar, batteries and intelligent software to create the smart home and business of the future.

The energy you generate gets used on site or if you are generating excess gets stored to batteries. The smart software then starts to “learn” what the demands on site are and either releases the energy when needed or “ trades “ the spare electricity back to the grid. That same software will track spare capacity on the grid and “buy in“ the electric to your batteries when it’s at its cheapest to deliver in to your home or business when electric is at its most expensive.

By managing demand and importing cheap electric and exporting expensive electric you the site owner take unprecedented control of your energy costs. There are a range of providers and as always you can be assured that the team at the low carbon energy company have researched this emerging market to ensure that you are getting the best advice , product knowledge and system specification to suit your needs.

What Is Our Smart Energy Solution?

Our Smart Energy Solution is a ‘managed energy services package’; an integrated offering composed of several separate but complementary services. Each one has been carefully selected to play a key part in the package as a whole, and together they provide:

  • Renewable Resources
    Reliable & Cheap Energy Generation
  • High-Tech Energy Storage
    High-Tech Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency
    Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • Maximum Financial Gains
    Maximum Financial Gains
    (and minimal costs)
  • Affordable Financing
    Affordable Financing
    For All The Above

Many of these technologies and services are provided by other leading energy services companies, in partnership with Low Carbon Energy.

Why Should You Choose Our Smart Energy Solution?

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We recognise that every one of our clients is different, so this Smart Energy Solution is tailored specifically to your business for maximum efficiency.

At Low Carbon we provide consultancy and first-class industry expertise to help you define your ‘energy profile’ – in other words, your ideal rate of energy consumption.

Using this information, we then adapt our Smart Energy Solution to fit your energy profile. When this initial planning phase is complete, we begin installing the physical architecture (such as the solar panels) on-site.

The final result is a comprehensive energy management system that gives you an unparalleled degree of control over how, where and when you consume energy.

The package is underpinned by a de-risked finance plan and an EPC (Energy Performance Contract) that are both specifically designed to minimise financial challenges for our clients, so that you can quickly and affordably start reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions, with the minimum of financial stress.

If you’d like to take advantage of our combined energy-saving technology and expertise, contact Low Carbon Energy on 01282 421489 or email info@Lowcarbonenergy.Co

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