ZOE arrives at Low Carbon Energy
ZOE arrives at Low Carbon Energy
17th November 2014

With our passion for innovation and a green future there was only one car that would be suitable for Low Carbon Energy – Renault’s ZOE. The newest electric car from Renault integrates the most advanced electric technology with a super stylish design, leaving us with a car that’s a joy to drive and helps to take care of our future.

Why Renault?

Renault are part of “Go Ultra Low”, the new Government-backed campaign that encourages the purchase and use of ultra low emission vehicles like ZOE. The campaign focuses on delivering vehicles that have an outstanding performance with lower emissions.

Transforming the city streets

The zero emissions car makes for a refined and relaxing drive and has a CO2 rating of just 54g/km. Its “Range Optimizer” system also brings massive benefits, giving an enhanced battery life whatever the driving conditions. In fact the battery lasts around 100km during the winter, and 150km during the more car-friendly summer months. But either way, charging the battery is super easy, you just need to plug it in and within 30 minutes – nine hours the battery will be fully charged again. The Chameleon Charger, patented by Renault adapts to the various power levels of charging – which is what enables you to do a rapid 30 minute charge if you wish.

New technologies

Other stand out features of ZOE include pre-conditioning, which allows you to programme the heating or air conditioning while ZOE is still charging; eco mode, which moderates air conditioning or heating power and performance for a greater driving range; and eco-driving tips, which tell you how to drive your car in the most efficient way possible.

As with all electric cars, ZOE ensures zero company car tax and a London Congestion Charge exemption, which are also big bonus points that factored into our decision to purchase the vehicle.

You can see ZOE and enquire about the benefits of going electric at our offices in Burnley.

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