Will the UK hit its renewable energy targets by 2020?
Will the UK hit its renewable energy targets by 2020?
19th September 2016

Recent report findings have suggested that the UK won’t meet its 2020 renewable energy targets. The report, carried out by the National Grid, identified that the UK could miss the targets by nine years and even in the greenest scenario wouldn’t reach the target until 2022.

The UK’s renewable energy targets

energy targets

The renewable energy targets, set under the EU’s renewable energy plan, included three sub-targets:

  • A target to generate 30% of electricity from wind, solar and other low-carbon sources
  • A target to generate 12% of heating energy from clean sources
  • A target to generate 10% of transport fuels from clean sources

Where are we now?

UK renewable energy targets

At present, the UK is three-quarters of the way to meeting the first target and is expected to exceed this target by 2020. However, with regards to the other two targets, the UK is really struggling. At the moment, we’re not even generating 6% of our heating energy from clean sources. Furthermore, the proportion of renewable energy used in transport fell in 2015.

About the UK’s failure to meet these targets, Angus MacNeil, the Scottish National party MP who chairs the Energy and Climate Change Committee, says:

“Failing to meet these would damage the UK’s reputation for climate change leadership. The government must take urgent action on heat and transport to renew its efforts on decarbonisation.”

Moving forward

solar roof panels

As a result of the UK’s position, there have been a number of recommendations to help increase our use of renewables.

The recommendations include:

  • The introduction of E10 fuel to help the UK meet its transport target
  • A requirement to raise the level of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation to 9%
  • More research and clarity on bioenergy – which is believed to play an important role in the UK’s renewable energy future
  • HGVs to be decarbonised and the Government to increase awareness of ultra low emission vehicles.

Doing your bit

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