Why you should invest in Powerwall battery storage
Why you should invest in Powerwall battery storage
14th November 2016

Want to make the most of your solar panels? At Low Carbon Energy, we have plenty of fantastic renewable energy solutions, all of which offer optimum energy efficiency at a low cost. Our Powerwall Battery Storage takes your solar panel to the next level, allowing you to make the most of your solar energy while making serious savings. It’s elegant and stylish too and guarantees one of the best prices per kWh going.

Our Powerwall Home Battery, designed by Tesla, is the must-have addition to your solar PV solution. Its 6.4 kWh capacity helps you to make the most of the energy from you solar panels by storing any unused energy for use during the night. This means that during the night, when there’s no sunlight, or when there’s a blackout, you can make use of your stored energy free of charge.

The many benefits of the Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall battery storage

The benefits of the Powerwall Home Battery Installer are endless, but some of the most frequently reported ones include:

  • Even cheaper energy bills

As the Powerwall Battery allows you to store any unused energy, you can make use of any excess energy that would have usually gone back to the grid. This means greater self-consumption of your solar energy and a reduction in your energy costs.

  • Energy security

If you’re in an area that experiences blackouts, the Powerwall will ensure optimum protection and assurance. You’ll be able to use any stored energy to power your home or business – giving you ultimate independence.

  • Improved energy efficient behaviours

With renewable energy solutions like the Powerwall, consumers are able to make mindful changes to make the most of their solar power. For example, many users switch to doing heavy-duty tasks like dishwashing during the day.

  • A stylish design

As to be expected with a Tesla product, the design of the Powerwall Home Battery is flawless. The wall-mounted design is sleek and modern and looks great in any home.

  • No maintenance required

When you invest in new technology, there’s often the concern that additional investment will also have to be made along with way. Servicing and maintenance charges can make new technologies even more expensive, but with the Powerwall Battery you needn’t worry about this. The Powerwall installs easily and requires no maintenance. Once it’s up and running, you can reap the benefits for free for years to come.

For more information about the Powerwall or our Battery Storage services, give us a call today on 08456 808963.

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