What is electric vehicle charging?
What is electric vehicle charging?
29th July 2016

Over the last few years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular – and considering their many benefits, it’s no surprise. Electric vehicle charging (EV charging) helps businesses and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, eco-friendly driving. And with more and more electric vehicles cropping up on our roads, there’s a greater need for an EV charging infrastructure.

A charging solution for electric cars

A charging solution for electric cars

Today’s electric cars are already making a huge impact on the environment, and the introduction of 100,000 electric vehicles could dramatically impact our level of emissions. Studies show that with an increase of 100,000 electric vehicles on our roads, emissions could be reduced by nearly 500 tonnes per year.

To make the use of electric vehicles more widespread, a better infrastructure is needed across the UK. Electric vehicle charging stations provide this – allowing homeowners to power up their cars at home and power up their cars at the office, if it’s fit with a charging station. To move forward, other public areas, like car parks, will also have to provide electric vehicle charging stations to meet the EU’s demands of improved air quality.


EV charging service from Low Carbon Energy

EV charging solutions by Low Carbon

We’ve teamed up with EV Box and Rolec, the leading EV charger providers, to install their products in your business or home. Whether you need an EV charging solution at your hotel, office, or school, or at home – we have the perfect solution. We’re also offering a PublicLine solution too – ideal for all public areas like councils and car parks.


EV charging solutions for businesses

The BusinessLine EV charging solution is ideal for any business – no matter what its size. It’s efficient and easy to use and offers adjustable charging rates. Remote maintenance and software updates ensure your charging box stays up to date, while the robust and modular build guarantees longevity.

BusinessLine EV charging solution

EV charging installation for public areas

The PublicLine EV charging solution has been designed for use in public areas. With more and more electrical vehicles on the road, public areas will need to be fit with EV charging boxes to ensure electrical cars remain topped up. The PublicLine EV Box is safe and durable and compatible with all grid networks. Larger car parks and councils may want to choose the double connector model – to ensure a faster and more efficient service to drivers.

PublicLine EV charging solution



EV charging systems for homes

The HomeLine EV charging solution is the ideal everyday EV companion. Designed for speed and efficiency, it charges up to eight times faster than any other regular outlet. Once installed by our team, the box requires little maintenance too – as it features remote maintenance and software updates.

If you love all the benefits of your electric car, why not invest in even more energy-efficient, clean technology? Solar PV offers a great renewable energy solution for your home or workplace and offers benefits like reduced energy bills too. Head over to our Solar PV page to find out more.

HomeLine EV charging solution


Have you got an electric car? If so, why not tell us a little bit about your model and the benefits. You can leave your comments below or tweet them to us @LowCarbonEnCo

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