UK celebrates Solar Independence Day
UK celebrates Solar Independence Day
8th July 2016

This year’s Solar Independence Day comes at a fitting time as the UK solar industry reaches an energy generation record-high. The annual event, which celebrates our use of solar power and solar PV, aims to raise awareness of solar and show how Britain can become energy-independent with the switch to renewables.

UK solar reaches record high

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2016’s Solar Independence Day, which took place on the 4th July, was the third of its kind but boasted some of the best news in solar yet. The latest analysis revealed that the UK solar industry hit some of its best numbers – with solar producing 23.9% of the country’s electricity demand.

On the day of independence itself, Paul Barwell, Chief Executive of the Solar Trade Association said:

“The UK has successfully deployed almost 12GW of solar across the UK, providing nearly 25% during peak generation. This is what the country and the world needs to decarbonise the energy sector at the lowest price to the consumer.”

He also talked about the Solar Independence Day initiative and what it sets out to achieve, saying:

“Solar Independence Day is about celebrating what a large group of small and medium sized businesses can achieve in a short period of time.”

Of course, all of this is great news – especially considering the limited support solar now gets from our Government. Despite all the changes in policy, the take-up of solar still remains strong and looks likely to grow thanks to work with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Join the movement and switch to solar

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