Super battery that powers your home and business off grid
Super battery that powers your home and business off grid
7th May 2015

Electric car producer Tesla Motors is broadening its horizons, moving into the world of domestic energy too. It has adapted its battery technology for household and business application – helping make solar power more accessible to the public and lowering users’ bills.

Already one of the leading car companies in the world, the company have turned their talents for cutting edge technology to lithium-ion batteries for the home – offering up a real game changer in the energy industry.

The zero-carbon internet-connected Powerwall batteries, which will retail at $3,500 in the US, will be available in just a few months, and the Powerpack – suited to businesses – will be available to pre-order later this year. They mark a significant step in the transition to a sustainable energy world.

Wall-mounted, with a sleek, high-tech design, the Powerwall batteries are designed to capture and store up to 10kWh of energy from wind or solar panels. The smallest battery is just 1.3m by 68cm and can be hung inside a garage or on an outside wall. In fact, the clever shape and size of the batteries also allow up to eight to be stacked in a home, potentially changing how energy is delivered across the earth.

Unlike some alternative energy sources, it’s thought that the Powerwall will continue to be competitively priced due to the huge mass-production that will be taking place in Tesla’s Nevada facility.

The impressive Powerpack – a 100 kWh battery block designed to help utilities smooth out their supply of wind and solar energy – will ensure industry and business needs are met.

Elon Mush, the chief executive of Tesla Motors, highlights the impact the new Powerpacks could have on the world’s supply of electricity – announcing that two billion Powerpacks could store enough electricity to meet the entire world’s needs.

To find out more about Tesla’s new home battery, visit their website.

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