Why solar is a great investment for schools
Why solar is a great investment for schools
1st June 2016

Reduced electricity bills, a stream of income, setting a great example for our youth… what’s not to like about solar for schools? At Low Carbon Energy we work with a whole range of clients, sectors, and industries, one of which being the education sector. And while every renewable energy project is important to us, working with schools has proved to be particularly rewarding.

The benefits of solar

solar panels on a school

Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of educational establishments – making a difference to the way they’re powered and helping their pupils grow. Our schools have reported so many benefits of solar, the following being just a few…


  1. A reduction in cost of energy bills

Unlike traditional forms of electricity, which have seen prices increase year-on-year, solar panel systems for schools provide a new kind of energy independence for educational establishments. Schools are more aware of and can better control their costs and budgets. Plus, over time, cost savings begin to mount up. This allows schools to put their budget in places it would be better spent – for example, on educational resources and for recreational activities.


  1. A steady income stream

With solar power, schools can generate a great source of income. 30 kW solar panels will make around 6.5K a year, through payments from energy suppliers exporting power to the grid.

This also means that most solar panel systems will achieve full payback between 10-12 years. From then on they’ll be in serious profit.


  1. A green conscience

We all have a responsibility to tackle climate change, but benefits for schools are twofold. A reduction in CO2 emissions not only enhances the profile of a school locally, it also sets a good example for pupils.

A medium size solar installation can see several tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions mitigated every year. Over a school’s lifespan, the benefits to the environment will be significant.


  1. A great learning opportunity for kids

While the installation of solar panels alone is a great talking point for lessons, the team at Low Carbon Energy give that little bit extra. As well as installing your solar panels, we’ll also give your students a “hands on” opportunity to learn more about solar and its benefits.

What’s more, making the move to solar is easy with great initiatives like Free Solar for Schools. The Feed in Tariff, which invests in low carbon projects in the UK, allows more schools to benefit from this fantastic free installation scheme.


Find out more

Why not hear from some of the schools in question for yourself? We have detailed information on the solar installation at St. Michael’s CE Primary School, in Grimsargh, and more over on our Case Studies page.

As always, if you have any further questions about solar power or the Free Solar for Schools offer, don’t hesitate to contact the team for help. 

Has your school invested in solar yet? If so, why not share the benefits? Leave your comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo

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