Make the move to a greener future with Energy Efficient Financing
Make the move to a greener future with Energy Efficient Financing
9th December 2014

Reducing energy costs has never been easier. Energy Efficient Financing (EEF) is now available to all kinds of businesses and organisations and makes moving to a greener future simple. The EEF scheme, developed by Carbon Trust Implementation Services and Siemens Financial Services, sets out to help your organisation save money, reduce energy waste and become more eco-friendly. What’s more, you can use the financing to pay for services from Low Carbon Energy!

The financing (starting at £1,000 up) is available for a wide variety of projects – as long as they meet Carbon Trust Implementation Services’ criteria – and covers elements such as building technologies and industrial process technologies. It can also be used to fund combined projects, like replacing heating and lighting. The new, more energy efficient equipment installed via the funding should lower energy bills meaning the financing option actually ends up paying for itself.

Why sign up to EEF?

  • It’s convenient and fast, making the move to a greener business easy
  • It’s affordable – and should pay for itself over the long-term as you continue to make energy savings
  • It’s flexible and payments are tailored to suit your circumstances – whether your payment plan is a one year term or seven year term!
  • Clear, visible, fixed payments- which aren’t subject to fluctuations in interest rates
  • It’s tax efficient – so finance payments can be offset against tax depending on individual circumstances
  • It’s future proofed, so the flexibility of the scheme allows the original installation to be upgraded in the future
  • It conserves your working capital for other business projects

Am I eligible?

While many organisations can qualify, you need to be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Meet credit check requirements
  • Have been trading for at least 36 months
  • Undergo an energy saving assessment from the Carbon Trust Implementation Services to ensure financial savings over time will match or exceed Energy Efficiency Financing payments.

To find out more, visit the EEG website or call us to discuss your options and find out how we can help your business save money and move towards a greener future.

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