Looked at solar before and decided it wasn’t for you … NOW IS THE TIME!
Looked at solar before and decided it wasn’t for you … NOW IS THE TIME!
6th February 2015

Making the move to solar panels can be a big step. Your moving away from what you’ve been used to for years, out of your comfort zone and into the way of the future.

Taking that first step though is all that’s required.

Our client at Pendle Frozen Foods experienced this very same dilemma. They first looked at solar panels over five years ago and decided it wasn’t for them. However, after continually rising energy prices, the company decided to take another look at alternatives.

As part of this process, Pendle Frozen Foods gained a better understanding of solar panel technology and its benefits, meaning a change of heart. As a result, they came to us here at Low Carbon Energy and placed an order for a 100kw system, which will be on site in March 2015 and generating benefits before April this year.

Pendle Frozen Foods say:

“We were first approached to consider solar power over four years ago. While we were unsure about making such a big change back then, we decided to keep in contact with the directors and keep an open mind about the future.

It soon became obvious that solar power was the only viable option for us. There was no doubt we’d choose Low Carbon Energy to install our solar PV system. We were delighted to place our order last month and can’t wait to reap the benefits from April this year.”

Solar power: Your only viable energy solution

Why don’t you switch to solar now and receive benefits including:

  • Cheaper energy bills
  • Payments for electricity you generate
  • Opportunities to sell electricity back to the grid if you’re producing more than you need
  • Reduced carbon footprint

To find out more about solar power in your home or business, call us at Low Carbon Energy on 01282 421489

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