LEGO Hits 100% Renewable Energy 3 Years Ahead Of Schedule
LEGO Hits 100% Renewable Energy 3 Years Ahead Of Schedule
16th June 2017

Danish toys behemoth LEGO has hit the headlines recently – having notably committed to several renewable energy projects in recent years, they announced their intention to hit full energy efficiency by 2020. They’ve actually achieved that three years ahead of schedule – a top achievement! This week on Low Carbon, our experts take a quick look at how they’ve done it, and why you should be thinking about doing the same (solar panels are a great place to start!).

A Company With A Renewable Outlook

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LEGO’s involvement in renewable projects has always been well-publicised. The company has regularly saved over 7000 tonnes of cardboard annually simply by streamlining the design of its packaging, and it’s been actively involved in a joint venture agreement since 2012 to construct the Borkum Riffgrund wind farm.

According to its own missions statement, the company is:

…committed to improving our energy efficiency and building renewable energy capacity to reach our goal of becoming 100% renewable by 2020.”

And now, in just 2017, LEGO has already succeeded in achieving that goal. It’s been due in no small part to its new 258 megawatt offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea, and it’s decided to celebrate its newfound status as a completely renewable company by building a giant wind turbine entirely of LEGO. Because, we suppose, why wouldn’t they?

What Does This Mean For You?


Being in the business energy services industry ourselves, we at Low Carbon can appreciate the sheer scale of this accomplishment; it’s an inspiring example of such a huge corporation working hard to leave a positive impact on the planet.

The positive global implications of LEGO’s forward-thinking energy policy are likely to be far-reaching, and its endeavours show that no business is too big or small to make the effort.

It’s also a fantastic example to illustrate the points we were making in our blog a few weeks ago about corporate social responsibility. First of all, as you can see it’s doing no small wonders for the public perception of LEGO’s brand. A corporation with a human, responsible face often sees a positive impact on its bottom line, which LEGO is no doubt doing now. There can be no doubt it’s excellent for business, and it’s similarly motivating its employees; their pride in working for a reputable company is likely to increase their productivity, creating a positive feedback loop.

What’s more, a global business uses countless tonnes of resources and raw materials to create their products. Making the transition to renewable energy might not be a quick process, but it certainly has dramatic and constructive effects on the environment and our planet at large.

We think you’ll agree that it’s an amazing legacy for a business to have – so wouldn’t you like one for yours?

Transform Your Business With Renewable Energy

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Though LEGO has used windfarms to achieve its own energy independence, at Low Carbon our specialty is solar panels. They’re a fantastic reliable source of clean, reliable energy, and our battery storage solutions ensure that you can optimise your energy usage to drastically reduce your energy bills. You can also sell excess energy back to the grid with the Feed-In Tariff, meaning that not only can you reduce your carbon footprint, but even profit from doing so!

To see how our current customers are already reaping the rewards of renewable energy from solar panels, feel free to take a look at our case studies, or give us a call today on 08456 808 963 to find out how we can help.

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