Introducing Herschel Far Infrared heaters
Introducing Herschel Far Infrared heaters
8th April 2016

We’ve had lots going on at Low Carbon Energy over the past few months. One of our most exciting developments has to be teaming up with Herschel to offer their top quality Far Infrared heaters to all our customers. The heaters, which are 100% natural and eco-friendly, work by using gentle, long-wave infrared, which penetrate the air and heat solid objects. This ensures a longer-lasting heat that’s much more efficient that traditional heating methods, such as heating, as the fabric of a building is heated rather than the air.

Herschel: Our partner of choice

When looking at Far Infrared solutions, it was clear that Herschel would be the perfect partner. Their highly innovative solutions, comprehensive range of products, and great customer support put them second to none. They also offered unrivalled expertise and know-how – meaning we could provide our customers with the best in products and services.

Introducing Hershel Far Infrared heaters

The perks of Herschel’s heating solutions

Of course, one of the best things about Herschel’s Far Infrared heaters is their efficiency. This means the drop in costs of your energy bills is dramatic. As almost 100% of the electrical energy used by infrared heaters is converted into heat, you’ll be able to increase the temperature of your home or business premises for less. In fact, statistics have shown that Herschel’s Infrared heating solutions will save you between 30 – 60% of your annual energy usage!

Introducing Hershel Far Infrared heaters

Results that speak for themselves

As expected, the Herschel Far Infrared heaters have gone down a storm over recent months and are already proving to be well worth their investment. One recent client, who requested infrared heaters in their offices in Manchester, has already reported a dramatic decrease in their energy costs. Six weeks after having installed their infrared heaters, the company told us that their electric bill had reduced by 60% in the offices with the heaters installed.

It’s not just businesses and commercial properties reaping the benefits of Herschel Far Infrared heaters though, they’re making a real difference in residential properties too. After the winter flooding in the North of England, Herschel Infrared heaters were placed in a terraced property to aid the drying process. Unlike central heating, which heats the air, the Herschel heaters heated the fabric of the building and sped up the drying out process. In fact, the drying out period was reduced from 16 to 10 weeks!


Discover the perfect Herschel solution for you

There is a huge range of Herschel products available. At Low Carbon Energy, we’ll be able to help assess your requirements and recommend the appropriate solution for you. However, the SELECT XL deserves a special mention and is our product of choice for commercial customers. Using specialist technology, it’s up to 10% more effective than other Herschel products and provides energy savings of up to 60%. What’s more, it comes with a five-year warranty – meaning you can be sure of its success!

Introducing Hershel Far Infrared heaters

To find out more about Herschel Far Infrared heating, get in contact with the Low Carbon Energy team today.

Have you invested in a Herschel Far Infrared heater yet? If so, what do you think? Leave your feedback in the comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo

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