How the feed-in tariff can benefit you
How the feed-in tariff can benefit you
19th December 2016

[Update: as of April 2019, the Feed In Tariff has now ended.]

The Feed-In Tariff boasts a whole range of benefits. At its core, it’s a government scheme that involves paying you for your excess electricity. The tariff can be used when taking advantage of a variety of renewable energy sources – one of which being solar PV.

What is the feed in tariff?


The Feed-in Tariff is a scheme introduced by UK Government to make uptake of low-carbon energy solutions easy and affordable for all. It’s sometimes referred to as the Clean Energy Cashback – as you essentially get money back from creating your own green, clean energy.

The Feed-in Tariffs ensure:

  • Payment for all the electricity you use. You’ll be paid a set rate for each unit of electricity you generate. Best of all, the tariff levels are guaranteed for up to 20 years.
  • Additional payments for electricity produced that’s exported back to the grid rather than used.
  • A discount on electricity bills. Of course, the amount you save will depend entirely on how much of the electricity you use on site.

It’s also useful to know that anyone can benefit from the Feed-in Tariff. So, whether you’re a landlord or business owner, it’s worth finding out more.

Why were the Feed-in Tariffs introduced?

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The move to cleaner energy sources has never been more important. The UK has a commitment to producing clean energy and these feed-in tariffs help us meet our targets. In fact, we have a legally binding target for renewable energy; it must make up 15% of our energy portfolio by 2020.

How can it help me?

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The Feed-in Tariffs can help you save money on your electricity bills while also doing your bit for the environment. You’ll have to buy less electricity from your energy supplier meaning the costs of bills will drop. You’ll also be able to make extra money by getting paid for the energy you produce. Furthermore, by installing renewable energy under the government’s Feed-In Tariffs, you can make your contribution to a greener, cleaner environment. And what could be better for your conscience?

The Feed-in Tariff and Low Carbon Energy

The Feed-in Tariff is available for a number of technologies including the Solar PV technologies offered by Low Carbon Energy. It includes support for a total installed capacity of 5MW or less and is applicable for roof-mounted and stand alone solar power.

At Low Carbon Energy, we offer solar panel solutions for all industries. Our solutions allow you to maximise your returns and benefit from long-term energy security.

We also offer maintenance packages and support for solar PV systems. This service is available to anyone – even if we didn’t install your original solar panels. To find out more about solar PV installation or maintenance, give us a call on 08456 808 963.

Why not take a look at some of our case studies? You can see how many our clients have saved by switching to solar and discover even more of the benefits.

Have you benefitted from the government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme? If so, share your story with us over on Twitter @LowCarbonEnCo

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