How Powerwall Has Transformed Solar Battery Storage
How Powerwall Has Transformed Solar Battery Storage
24th March 2017

Battery storage is a hot-button issue in the renewables sector, and thousands of business are hunting for the most efficient storage solutions on the market. We’ve got a pretty good one here for you at Low Carbon Energy. It’s called the Powerwall, and it already has some pretty amazing achievements to its name.

Making Great Gains With Powerwall

When it comes to the widespread adoption of solar panels and other renewable forms of energy, efficient battery storage is the key to making the transition to becoming a truly zero-carbon society. Powerwall is one of the solar technologies that are leading the way in this regard, and already we’re seeing some brilliant results from early adopters across the globe. According to an audit of Australian business energy services, solar batteries like Powerwall have been responsible for significant reductions in energy bills over the course of 2016.

Powerwall’s success was helped along by some steep price drops, improved competition and an understandable desire amongst many Australian homeowners for cheaper energy bills. Industry experts estimate the prices for solar batteries almost halved around June, with conservative estimates putting the price drop at 40% at least. With reductions like that, we think it’s no wonder solar batteries started flying off the shelves!

Save Money On Solar Energy

save money on bills with a powerwall

The financial and energy gains aren’t just on a national level, either. The first Australian to have a Powerwall installed in his home has been seeing an average drop of 85% on his energy bills, lowering from $550 to $50 every quarter. This impressive reduction owes a lot to his tailored energy plan. His secret is to maximise the amount of energy he uses directly from the solar panels during the day. This means he draws a minimum amount of power from the national grid, drastically saving him money on his energy bills. On top of this, all the usual benefits of solar panels apply: when his Powerwall battery is full, he sells the excess energy back to the Australian power grid, earning him even further savings. Of course, he’s at quite an advantage in such a naturally hot and sunny place like Australia, but UK businesses are already enjoying significant benefits from solar too!

How Does The Powerwall Work?

tesla powerwall

Essentially, the Powerwall does everything you’d expect from a high-end solar battery, storing energy from solar panels during the day (or the national grid if necessary). It then discharges this energy for use in the evening or night – or as emergency energy in case of a powercut. However, it also optimises the energy usage, ensuring it’s used in the most economical way possible and thereby helping your organisation to make huge savings on your energy bills.

To read about our clients who are already reaping the rewards from solar PV, feel free to delve into our case studies. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions or need any help, feel free to call us on 08456 808 963. We’re here to help!

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