A look back at 2016: Global progress towards a renewable future
A look back at 2016: Global progress towards a renewable future
23rd December 2016

2016 has seen some big steps in the energy industry, as several countries become amongst the first to run entirely on renewable energy. However, it’s not just those countries running of renewables that deserve praise – it’s every country doing its bit to support a green, eco-friendly future.

Costa Rica, powered by renewables

Costa Rica is one of the countries that has made huge steps in proving that a renewable energy future is possible. During the summer, it ran on 100 percent renewable energy for 76 consecutive days. Furthermore, the country ran on renewables for a further 74 days throughout this year – bringing its annual total to 150 days (last counted in September 2016).

Political figures in Pakistan going green

Pakistan’s government have made an impressive pledge to support renewables too. In February this year, Pakistan’s parliament became the first in the world to run on 100 percent renewables – using solar power as their source. Pakistan lead the way ahead of other parliaments, like the Israeli Knesset, which currently partly run on solar power.

Renewable energy success in Chile

The best user case of renewables, perhaps, comes from sunny Chile – a country so rich in solar power it’s giving electricity away for free. The country’s increasing energy demand has seen not one but 29 solar farms supplying energy to the central grid in June – with the creation of many more in the making. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the country is expected to have installed almost 1.4 gigawatts of solar power this year – up from 371 megawatts in 2015.

What about the UK?

solar panel engineer

All of these countries have set a fantastic example, but it’s important to recognise all of the UK’s achievements too. According to the REView 2016 report, the UK has made considerable progress in meeting renewable energy targets and our renewable heat generation has also grown steadily. We’ve also had an increase in people employed in the UK renewable energy value chain, suggesting we are taking the matter seriously. Still, there is a lot to do and tougher policies will have to be imposed in order to meet the EU 2020 targets for renewable energy.

What changes have you made?

If you haven’t switched to renewables just yet, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time. Why not make a low carbon resolution for 2017? We have plenty of great options to help you meet your low carbon resolution from Solar PV  to Infrared Heating.

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