Excellent Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Solar
Excellent Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Solar
8th March 2017

Solar’s reputation really has come on in the last few years. Although once seen by some as just an option for environmental idealists, today it’s evolved into a complex and effective energy strategy that’s not only viable for modern businesses, but in fact has tangible benefits over existing energy plans.

Financial and Practical Benefits Of Solar

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These days, it literally pays to have a sunny disposition (if you’ll pardon the pun). As experts in business energy services, one of the most palpable evolutions we’ve seen in the solar industry in the last few years is its rapid increase in its financial viability. Today, solar energy plans can drastically reduce or even entirely offset an office building’s electricity bill, which is obviously fantastic news no matter your business’s size or industry. The lifespan of most solar installations is at least 25 years, meaning that it will pay for itself in no time. Ultimately, this means significant savings for you, which you can then channel into other areas of your business, potentially even allowing your company room to grow.

What’s more, the solar industry (together with other renewables) is seeing substantial incentives from the government, one of which allows you to sell your excess electricity back to them using the Feed-In Tariff. Meanwhile the price of solar has fallen dramatically, and has already achieved cost parity with fossil fuels! One of the most brilliant things about solar is that it uses no moving parts, so there’s little maintenance required. Also, it’s limitless unless the sun disappears from the sky – at which point, to be honest, you might well have bigger things to worry about than an efficient energy plan.

Being Good To The Environment – And Your Customers!

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Solar initiatives are not only carbon-neutral and good for the environment (though of course, that should be reason enough) but they’re also unequivocally good for business. Research by Forbes has recently shown that today’s consumers are far more socially and environmentally aware in their purchase decisions. They want to think of themselves as responsible, which means they’ll want to buy from companies who reflect those values in turn. Millennials – young people generally between the ages of 20 to 35 – are notable holders of these beliefs, so if your business isn’t environmentally responsible you’re potentially alienating a huge (and influential!) chunk of your consumer base.

Whatever your consumer demographic is, there’s always that age-old business adage: people don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people. Your customers are always going to be drawn to a more personal, responsible brand run by fellow compassionate human beings as opposed to faceless corporations with little regard for the impact they have on society and the planet at large.

We could go on indefinitely, but these are just a couple of the major reasons you should consider solar panels for your business. You can take advantage of our considerable expertise with our energy consultancy service. If you have any questions or need any advice, just give us a call on 08456 808 963.

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