Why energy matters to business
Why energy matters to business
3rd October 2016

With all the uncertainty in the UK today, it pays to think about energy supply. Think about it: if you can control a major element of your costs and gain independence from arbitrary pricing, you’ll be winning in the long run. While energy supply was once one of the factors businesses had no choice over, in today’s modern world things have changed. The use of renewable energy is now on the rise and more and more businesses are switching to solar PV as they begin to take back control.

Energy efficient solutions for businesses

Why energy matters to business

Businesses across the globe are beginning to change their energy portfolio. Instead of maintaining their usual energy supply, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to improve energy supply – for more efficient energy and cheaper running costs. Of course, another perk of renewable energy sources, like solar PV, is its reduced carbon footprint. Unlike traditional forms of energy, which are continuing to harm our world, renewable energy is helping make the world greener and businesses more eco-friendly.


Opportunities to monitor and plan energy spend

Why energy matters to business

New developments in the energy sector are also enabling businesses to monitor their energy spend. With energy monitoring services, businesses can better understand, control and manage their energy consumption – and their energy production too. In turn, this is influencing business plans – as businesses use statistics and data to inform their energy usage and make decisions about their business budget. Switching to renewable energies, which allow this forward-planning, can also help businesses meet green targets – another major feature of business strategy.


Energy now a source of profit for businesses

Why energy matters to business

With renewable energy now offering opportunities for profit, it’s become an increasingly attractive solution. If businesses have excess capacity on their sites, they can monetise that. Likewise, if businesses using solar PV produce more energy than they need, they can sell it back to the grid. Furthermore, the costs of renewable energies like solar are no longer holding businesses back. With a variety of loans and government initiatives now available, switching to solar is affordable.

Leading businesses are showing just how much energy matters, going public with their energy plans. Marks and Spencer’s famous Plan A initiative aims to make it the world’s most sustainable retailer, while brands like IKEA and H&M are well on their way to transition to 100% renewable energy.

Explaining why renewable energy matters to IKEA, Joanna Yarrow from IKEA says:

“It gives us a lot of capacity to insulate ourselves from price rises and fluctuations so we can take control and plan our business into the future.”

Does energy matter to your business?

If you’d like to see the benefits of switching to a renewable energy supply, get in contact with out team today. We can discuss solar PV for businesses and other energy efficient measures, such as LED lighting, designed to dramatically improve your business and its costs.

We also offer a Free Energy Consultation to help get you started on your new energy future. So, if you’d like some help defining your new energy efficient plan, request your free consultation via the website.

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