Why carbon emissions are important to business
Why carbon emissions are important to business
31st October 2016

Any modern business is likely to feature low carbon strategies in their business plan. In today’s world, businesses want to play their part in a sustainable future by helping the UK cut its carbon emissions. Carbon emissions don’t just impact the environment either – they impact the finances and livelihood of every business too. But with solutions such as renewable energy and free solar, cutting carbon emissions have never been easier.

Cutting costs

A reduction in carbon emissions is synonymous with reduced energy costs. Energy costs money, so by cutting emissions and switching to cheaper, renewable energy, businesses will better be able to manage their budget. In time, businesses will become more profitable too – thanks to the simple changes they’ve made.

An opportunity to earn

Cutting carbon emissions and switching to renewables like solar also gives businesses an opportunity to earn. Businesses can sell back any used energy to the grid – and pocket the earnings.

Attracting new employees

Safeguarding the environment has never been more popular. For many entering the working world, green policy and corporate social responsibility is key. So, when a business boasts environmentally-focused polices, they’ll find it easier to attract new employees.

Driving innovation

What business doesn’t want to be innovative? By ignoring rising carbon emissions and sticking to age-old forms of energy, businesses fail to embrace innovation. The adoption of carbon-free energy and renewable technologies help show that a business is one of the moment – rather than one of the past.

A green future

Many businesses are keen to safeguard the long-term future of our society. Therefore, many are willing to make changes and reduce their carbon footprint if this means they’re doing their bit for the environment.

A business with a green conscience can also use its green initiatives in its PR too. By tackling issues like greenhouse gases, businesses often appear more human and can gain credibility in the public eye. In turn, this can influence consumer choice too. In fact, research has shown that the public is more willing to trust businesses with long-term environmental strategies.

Cut your carbon emissions with Low Carbon Energy

Best of all, cutting carbon emissions has never been easier. At Low Carbon Energy, we offer plenty of ways to pay. SMEs can benefit from initiatives like the 10k Energy Efficiency Grant while larger, established businesses may be able to benefit from free solar. A power purchase agreement (PPA) will allow businesses to get a solar PV system for free and benefit from heavily discounted solar from their current provider. For more information about any of these initiatives, get in contact today.

If you’re keen to start makes changes to the way your business uses energy, why not explore our solutions? Our LED lighting is the simplest and cheapest solution available and reduces your energy costs while delivering significant carbon savings. Visit the LED webpage to find out more.

What is your business doing to address its carbon emissions? Tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo to let us know.

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