How can local councils and authorities benefit from solar?
How can local councils and authorities benefit from solar?
8th August 2016

For many councils and local authorities across the UK, the switch to solar has been vital. Not only has solar power helped councils work with their tight budgets and save money; solar PV has also helped councils meet strict energy targets. At Low Carbon Energy, we specialise in working with a variety of sectors – solar for councils being just one of our many offerings.

The benefits of solar

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The benefits of solar for councils and local authorities are endless.

They include:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Green conscience
  • Improvements in energy usage and expenditure

Rossendale Borough Council is just one council benefiting from switching to solar. Back in 2012, Low Carbon Energy worked closely with the council to design and install a solar panel system for the council building. The solution – an 110P roof mounted solar system – helped address climate change and enhance the local economy. It also provides an annual FIT income of £9,200 and annual CO2 savings of 50 tonnes.

Other towns like Bournemouth are reaping the benefits of solar too. About their £1.5 million solar programme, a spokesman for the initiative told The Bournemouth Echo:

“The results of the solar panels have exceeded expectations so far and we expect the panels to save Borough of Poole more than £18.000 annually from our electricity bills. Borough of Poole also expects to receive a similar amount each year in government feed-in tariff payments.


How local councils are making the change

In Nottingham, the City Council has already met its climate change targets – four years ahead of schedule. The city has seen a 33% reduction in carbon emissions, compared to the level recorded in 2005. To meet its target, Nottingham City Council has adopted a holistic approach – with private sector companies and universities also getting involved.

In Bristol, one of the Mayor’s campaign promises was to put Bristol on course to run on clean energy by 2050. This is a huge task, but the council are doing everything in their power to help switch Bristol’s main energy source to solar. To help them achieve this goal, they’ve begun working closely with a number of partners, encouraging them to use solar. One of the recent solar projects completed is in partnership with Bristol Sport. As part of this project, new solar panels have been installed on the West stand of the Ashton Gate Stadium. The result of this will be significant savings on energy bills for Bristol Sport – plus a cut of 20% in carbon emissions.

In Bournemouth, there are plans to install solar panels on care homes. This will not only save the council tens of thousands every year; it will also help the Borough of Poole meet green targets. These latest solar panel plans are just the latest in the council’s £1.5 million solar programme, which will see panels installed across council-buildings in the area.

If you’re struggling to make the switch to solar, it may be worth considering our Energy Consultancy service. You can book your free energy consultation on the website.

Has your local council switched to renewable energy? Tell us about any local initiatives in the comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo

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