Can a business run off 100% renewable energy?
Can a business run off 100% renewable energy?
27th April 2016

Renewable energy is big news in business. Every day, more and more companies are switching to renewables in order to beat rising energy prices and support their declining budgets. Renewable energy also promises a number of other benefits. It helps individuals and business to meet their green, eco-friendly targets and promises energy security – a must for any global brand. But what about taking the adoption of renewable energy one step further and powering your whole business with renewables? With some businesses planning to make this radical change, we’re asking “is it really possible?”

The renewable energy dream

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Over the past few years, a number of big-name brands have chosen renewable energy and promoted their use of it. Ikea is just one of them and in 2012 made the pledge to completely power its stores by renewable energy by 2020. More and more companies have jumped on this bandwagon – including HP just a few weeks ago. HP is already part of the RE100 campaign, a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, alongside other businesses like Google.

There are a number of things that have made this switch to 100% renewable a real possibility.

These include:

  • The steady drop in the price of renewable energy. For example, solar energy has dropped by more than 50% in price since 2008
  • Promised sustainability – a must for long-term business strategy
  • Better financial prospects and financial predictability. Businesses are no longer under the control of energy giants. They don’t have to worry about energy price hikes and changes and can reap the financial rewards.

Of course, this list just touches on the positives of a 100% renewable energy solution and why it’s a real way forward for so many businesses. Despite the changes in support for renewables from Government, many businesses are still finding ways forward.

In the US, companies like Mars are even partnering with wind farms to help them to meet their energy needs. In this case, the Texas wind farm produces the electricity equivalent of 100% of the company’s US power needs.

Of course, with the lack of support from UK Government, the path for UK businesses will not be so easy; but evidence shows that globally, as a whole, businesses are committed to the change.


Take the right steps and make the change

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