Why do business leaders love renewables?
Why do business leaders love renewables?
12th September 2016

Renewable energy is a sought after solution for many businesses. With its promise of energy independence, decreased energy bills and green perks, thousands of businesses are jumping on the renewables bandwagon. With solutions like solar PV and infrared heating widely available, the transition to renewables has also become easier for businesses too.

IoD poll reveals support for renewables

Why Do Business Leaders Love Renewables?

Analysis from the Institute of Directors further supports the fact that business leaders love renewables. In a recent report carried out by the IoD, a large percentage of business leaders said renewable efforts hadn’t gone far enough. The poll of nearly 1,000 bosses found that seven in ten thought that Labour, Coalition and Conservative administrations had all failed in making renewable energy affordable. Furthermore, two-thirds also complained that politicians had failed to ensure energy security.

It’s clear that business leaders know that renewables come with a cost – a cost they’re willing to pay. And despite the costs, many business leaders are still pursuing a renewable energy future. In fact, three quarters of those polled agreed that the UK ‘needs’ to decarbonise its energy supplies. However, intermittency issues and sky-high costs are something they need tackling first by our government.


Moving forward

Dan Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Policy Adviser at the IoD, highlights that business owners support the cutting of CO2 but that they also need secure and affordable power. Following the creation of the new business and energy department, it’s an ideal time to make policy changes and begin moving in the right direction.

To make renewable energy realistic and sustainable for business, the UK needs a mix of renewables, nuclear, and clean hydrocarbons. A UK energy policy that addresses this is likely to tackle many of the concerns.

Renewable energy choices supported by business leaders included fracking and onshore wind. The poll revealed that over half of IoD members backed hydraulic fracturing of shale rock for oil and gas and that 55% of IOD members want more onshore wind.


Renewable energy solutions for businesses

Why Do Business Leaders Love Renewables?

At Low Carbon Energy, we offer renewable energy solutions for all businesses. Whether you’re a global corporation or start-up we can help.

Our popular renewable energy solutions include:

Businesses can pick just one of these solutions or combine all four for the ultimate in renewable energy solutions. We also offer Electric Vehicle Charging solutions for those companies that want to take their business to the next level. To find out more, visit the webpage.

Want to transform the way your business uses energy but not sure how? Our Energy Consultancy service is there to help you make the switch to renewables and make huge savings on your energy bills. We’ll provide you with all the information to make your decision – and best of all, the first hour is free! Get in touch to request a free energy consultation today.

How is your business investing in renewable energy? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo



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