Britain leading the way in renewables
Britain leading the way in renewables
9th May 2016

With all the negativity surrounding renewable energy in the UK, and the lack of government support for the cause, you might think we’re a little behind when it comes to renewables. If so, you’d be wrong. Over the past few years, Britain has quietly risen to become one of the world leaders in green power. Homes and businesses are taking advantage of offerings like solar and wind farms to make a real difference to how Britain is being powered.


The stats: Britain’s investment in renewable sources

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In 2015, 25% of our electricity was generated from renewable sources. These included wind farms, solar panels, and other renewable power sources. This figure is the highest number yet for the UK and up 9% from 2011.

What’s more, 11% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind last year. This is up from 9.5% in 2014. Wind also provided enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 8.25 million homes – more than 30% of UK households.

About our investment in renewable energy, James Court, head of policy at the Renewable Energy Association, told the Financial Times:

“There are now solar PV modules [solar panels] installed on over 800,000 homes and businesses.”

Britain also has the world’s largest offshore wind industry, nearly 30 grid-scale energy storage facilities and several biomass power plants, all scattered across the country. In fact, our use of renewables has even overtaken the use of coal – proving that we are really making strong foundations for renewables to power our futures.

Some of the biggest projects include the anaerobic digestion plant at Nestle’s factory in Fawdon and Europe’s biggest floating solar farm, located just outside of Heathrow. We’re quite excited to see what other developments will occur next!

Of course, while all of this is a huge positive for our environment and energy independence, our trust in renewables has given way to a huge problem. Unfortunately, due to the growth in use of renewables, the government decided to start cutting some of the subsidies, such as those offered for solutions like solar power.


Join the renewable revolution today

Despite cuts to subsidies, many are still proving that a renewable energy-powered future is possible. At Low Carbon Energy, our uptake of renewable energy solutions, like Solar PV, is still high.

You too can be a part of the renewables revolution by investing in renewable energy yourself. Whether it’s for your home or your solar panel solutions for business, there are plenty of fantastic solutions to choose from.

Some of our most popular offerings include:

All offerings can be used as standalone services or can be used in combination for optimum benefits.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, get in contact with the team today. If you’re in Ireland you can reach us on 00 353 913 981 80, and if you’re in the UK give us a call on 08456 808 963.


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