5 key advantages of solar for businesses and homeowners

sunny side up looking at the advantages of solar power feature image Posted on 30th Jan 2017 by Ged Ennis

Renewable energy has seen some fantastic advances over the years, and collectively they’re already beginning to fast overtake fossil fuels as a means of energy production. Solar power is amongst the most prolific forms of renewable energy, and showcases some brilliant examples of the benefits of renewables as a whole. While solar energy has a fantastic range of benefits for society and humanity in general – it’s ideal for remote communities in sparse locations, for example – it also has a number of specific benefits for commercial businesses and homeowners in the UK. Here, we’ve summed up the main ones!

1. A truly renewable energy source

Killowatts of energy

We’ll start with the most obvious one first; solar energy is one of the world’s few truly renewable energy sources. For as long as we’re all still here, we can count on the sun to be shining – scientists estimate it’s got at least 5 billion years left of energy in it. As well as being helpful in the macro sense, it’s also useful to each of our individual customers here at Low Carbon Energy – it means that there are fewer site-specific demands to cater to. As long as your premises see sunlight at least a few hours of the day (and almost all of them do), solar panels are always going to be a viable source of energy.

2. Significantly reduces energy bills

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Generating your own electricity right there on-site means that you’re relying less on the National Grid and traditional utility suppliers to power your home or business. In a nutshell, the more energy you produce, the more money you’ll save. Now, exactly how much will obviously be dependent on the size of the system, and what your normal usage levels are. But theoretically, it’s not too difficult to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the course of a year.

Until March 31st 2019, you could even sell your excess electricity back into the National Grid, thanks to the Feed In Tariff. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this scheme is now ending, but there’s nothing to say that the government won’t introduce future incentives for solar energy in future.

3. Easy to install (and getting cheaper all the time)

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BThe cost of solar panels is obviously a major concern for many of our customers here at Low Carbon, and while prices can vary significantly between customers, the ease of installation (the panels have no moving parts, after all) means that we’re able to maintain consistently fantastic prices for our customers. Solar panels are no longer the luxury experimental item they once were, and the technology is advancing all the time – if you’ll pardon the pun, the future is looking bright!

4. Low maintenance costs

Another attractive aspect of solar panels is the low maintenance costs involved in keeping them. Most owners manage just fine by cleaning them a couple of times a year at most. Again, since they have no moving parts, there is no wear and tear involved. So, once you’ve covered the initial cost, you can expect very little spending on maintenance and ongoing repair work, leaving you to enjoy the savings!

5. Reduce your impact on the environment

Green initiatives are higher on our global agenda than ever, and the ability of solar panels to produce energy without greenhouse gases or water pollution makes it a sure winner in the eyes of many. What’s more, solar panels are completely silent, so they’re highly practical for even the most dense of urban areas. If you’re a business considering commercial solar panels, you can even use them as a keen demonstration of your Corporate Social Responsibility, which may make all the difference when attracting new customers.

And as an extra bonus…

Then of course, there are the benefits on a wider scale. Looking nationally and globally, solar power provides us all with energy security and independence – after all, the sun is pretty much impossible to privatise. What’s more, money invested in solar power creates two to three times more jobs than money invested in coal or gas, once again providing us with vast benefits to the economy.

We’ve published another post about the great strides that the planet is making towards renewable energy, and the technology is advancing all the time. Why not see what solar panels can do for commercial organisations by browsing our product range, or have a look at our consultancy services to find out how we can help your business to become even more efficient?

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