A guide to solar panel installation
A guide to solar panel installation
11th October 2016

Looking for a way to reduce the cost of your energy bills, reduce your green emissions and do your bit for the environment? Switching your power supply to solar can help you achieve all three of these things. And while the idea of solar panels may seem a little alien to you right now, the process of solar panel installation isn’t as disruptive as you might think. Best of all, once installed, solar panels need little to no maintenance – allowing you to enjoy low cost energy with ease.

Step one: Your solar prescription

After discussing your needs and requirements and assessing your roof or land space, we’ll advise on the best solar panel solution for you. The size of our installations vary and depend on the amount of power you need. We’ll also arrange the solar panels differently depending on space. Why not take a look at some examples on our Case Studies page?

Step two: The installation day

Once we’ve sorted all your requirements, we’ll discuss a date to come and fit your solar panels. We always work around your calendar wherever possible. The installation itself will usually take one or two days. The more panels required, the longer a job takes. On the rare occasion, some jobs will take three days – but we’ll be able to give you a good indication of this before we book you in.

Before beginning the work, we’ll arrange for scaffold to be put up. This will usually happen a day or two before installation. As always, we’ll keep disruption to a minimum and can carry out the work in your absence. As long as you give us access to your electricity supply, water and toilet, we’ll be able to complete the work for you.

Step three: Fitting the roof anchors and attaching the frame

Using the scaffolding, we’ll access the roof and screw roof anchors to the rafters, ensuring they lie in relation to your existing roof tiles. Aluminium bars are then locked into the anchors and screwed into place.

Step four: Installing your solar panels

Now the frame is built, we can clamp the solar panels in. We arrange the panels by row or column and ensure that the system both performs well and is aesthetically satisfactory.

Step five: Taking care of the electrical side

We wire the panels to the roof and the inverter to make sure your system is fully connected. Trained electricians complete the job to will connect the inverter to the rest of your building’s electricity supply.

Step six: Powering up your solar system

Once all these steps are complete, we can fire up your system. We’ll check all the voltage readings are up to standard and apply for your MCS certificate. Once confirmed, you’ll be benefitting from solar in no time!

If you want to find out more, contact us today.

Want to make your solar power go further? Battery storage allows even greater independence in your energy supply. It even helps to protect against energy shortages during blackouts.

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