Using Too Much Energy?
Save on energy and the associated costs by making simple behavioural changes

Energy Monitoring

Want to save on energy and the associated costs by making simple behavioural changes? Our Energy Monitoring service allows you to do just that through giving you the critical information you need to make a difference

Our Energy Monitoring solution provides real time data on your energy use and the cost of its consumption through a simple, easy to use web portal. You’ll be able to monitor factors including your power use, solar generation, water use, appliances, carbon foot print and cost – and can compare your current usage against historical data. What’s more, the comprehensive tool will also allow you to estimate future energy usage and costs!

Knowing and understanding what power you are consuming in real time helps you to change behaviours that are hindering your energy savings. Through measuring, managing and monitoring, you’ll be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint in no time.

Benefits of Energy Monitoring

  • Reduce waste and saves you money
  • Significant CO2 savings
  • Easy to read dashboard
  • Display can be made public so staff too can help reduce waste
  • Varying degrees of analysis available to suit each customer
  • Freedom to make informed decisions
  • Clear idea of your energy usage and costs

Our Process

Huntington Hall Farm, Cheshire, Solar Install

Low Carbon Energy installed a 100KW solar panel system at the farm so that they’d be able to begin generating their own electricity through the power of the sun. The...

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