Pendle Frozen Foods Were Paying 10.5p Per kWh
Now Generating 88,000 kWh A Year At Less Than 2p Per kWh Fixed

Less Than 2p Per kWh

Pendle Frozen Foods Solar Installation

  • ManufacturingFood Manufacturing
  • LocationNelson, Lancashire
  • Solar PV111 KW Solar Panel System

Beating rising electricity costs with solar power

With rising electricity prices playing a crucial role in Pendle Frozen Food’s profits, the Lancashire-based company knew it was about time they look to other energy sources.

"We are more than happy with the performance of the solar PV system – in fact, it’s actually performing better than expected!"
Matthew Platt, Director, Pendle Frozen Foods

While the frozen food company had been looking at solar panel systems for a few years, the timing had never been quite right to take the plunge and to switch energy sources. Having remained in close contact with Low Carbon Energy during this time, the family-run business were well aware of what alternatives were out there and how they could benefit from them – so it was just a matter of time before they turned to solar panels to generate their electricity.

As electricity prices rose once again in January, Pendle Frozen Foods decided that solar PV was the only way to go and the only viable energy solution for the company. By February this year they’d already decided what they needed and committed to a 111 KW solar panel project with Low Carbon Energy.

With electricity being vital to the smooth running of the company, and the high electricity demand of their freezers, the frozen food company needed a system to deliver. The new solar panel system would not only ensure all their energy needs were met, it would also guarantee cheaper energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, payments for the electricity they generate as well as providing an opportunity to sell electricity back to the grid if they found they were producing more than they needed.

Matthew Platt, Director, Pendle Frozen Foods says:

“The whole process was seamless and hassle free, from the planning of the project through to the installation.

“We are more than happy with the performance of the solar PV system – in fact, it’s actually performing better than expected!”

Ged Ennis, Director, Low Carbon Energy adds:

“We had been working with the family-run business for a couple of years but timings weren’t right during that time to make the change. However, once electric price rises landed again in January a decision was made to proceed.

“We can’t wait for Pendle Frozen Foods to reap the benefits from their new system.”

Low Carbon Energy have been involved with a number of Solar Panel installations into offices. To find out more about how your business premises can reduce the cost of energy bills and reduce carbon emissions read our solar panels for business page.


System Size:111 KW
Annual Output:88,800 kWh
Annual FIT Income:£24,000
Annual CO2 Savings:50 tonnes of CO2 per year


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