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Apeks Marine Solar Panel Installation

  • ManufacturingScuba Diving Company
  • LocationBlackburn, Lancashire
  • Solar PV 100 KW Solar Panel System

Providing innovative solutions to eco-friendly scuba specialists

Blackburn-based leaders in scuba diving equipment and solutions, Apeks Marine Equipment, were keen to make changes to the way they ran their business. Not only were the company looking to make savings on the rising cost of energy, they also wanted to help the environment by using a greener electrical energy solution.

"It was fantastic working with the guys at Low Carbon Energy. Every single member of the team was friendly and helpful – from the MD and sales execs right through to the guys who installed the solar panels and inverters."
Andy Atkins, Apeks Marine Equipment

Apeks Marine Equipment already had a strong environmental ethos – and use this in their own manufacturing processes. In 2006 they adapted a variety of areas of their business to enable them to reduce energy use, minimise waste, reduce operating costs and environment risks and improve compliance with environmental legislation and regulations. The move to more sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions was just the next step in their business journey.

Having heard about the work at Low Carbon Energy, the Apeks Marine Equipment team approached us with a number of requirements. By working closely with the company and further identifying their needs, Low Carbon Energy were able to put together a portfolio of solar energy solutions, specifically tailored to Apeks Marine Equipment.

With the requirement for a ground mounted solution, Low Carbon Energy got stuck into planning the practicalities. Our experts had to consider aspects such as the framework, optimal pitch and orientation as well as the foundations. It was important that the solar panels tracked the path of the sun throughout the course of the day and across the seasons to ensure maximum benefit from the solar power system.

The Low Carbon solution consisted of:

  • 100 KW Solar PV system
  • Our energy monitoring packages
  • Electric vehicle car charging points

Combined, the eco-friendly, innovative solutions were sure to bring Apeks Marine Equipment right at the forefront of their competitors and other local businesses. The solution would not only showcase their forward-thinking business ideas and passion for the environment, it would also save them thousands year-on-year.

Talking about the project, Ged Ennis, Director, Low Carbon Energy says:

“We were delighted to be chosen by such a prestigious client who clearly understood the benefits of our work. In discussions it was clear that the company had a real commitment to reducing their costs and improving their energy efficiency. We offered not just a solar panel solution, but a complete package – and were delighted when the team agreed to commit to it. It’s sure to keep Apeks well ahead of the competition.”

Andy Atkins, Apeks Marine Equipment adds:

“It was fantastic working with the guys at Low Carbon Energy. Every single member of the team was friendly and helpful – from the MD and sales execs right through to the guys who installed the solar panels and inverters.

“Two of the reasons we choose Low Carbon Energy were their competitive pricing and expertise in the field of Solar PV – and they definitely delivered. There was a high standard of workmanship, excellent professional approach throughout the project and the team were customer focused at all times.”

Low Carbon Energy have been involved with a number of Solar Panel installations into offices. To find out more about how your business premises can reduce the cost of energy bills and reduce carbon emissions read our solar panels for offices page.


System Size:100KW
Annual Output:75,000 KWH
Annual FIT Income:£15,000
Annual CO2 Savings:48 Tonnes

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