Allertex Were Paying 11p Per kWh
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Less Than 2p Per kWh

Allertex, Lancashire, Solar Panel Installation

  • ManufacturingManufacturing
  • LocationNelson, Lancashire
  • Solar PV30 KW Solar Panel System
LocationNelson, Lancashire
Solution30 KW Solar Panel System

Lancashire-based Allertex make serious savings with Solar PV

With continually rising energy bills and the need to show clients that they were serious about reducing their carbon footprint, Lancashire-based textile machinery agents, Allertex, decided to take advantage of the Government Feed in Tariff scheme and move towards a greener future. With the scheme, the company would benefit from free energy for the next twenty years and beyond, while reducing their carbon footprint.

“The solar panel system will reduce our energy bills and provide us with financial benefits of around £5,500 a year.”
Graham Robinson, Director, Allertex

Allertex chose to make their move to a renewable energy source with the help of Low Carbon Energy – whom they knew through the local chamber. Confident that Low Carbon Energy offered value for money and had a good track record in implementing renewable energy solutions, Allertex soon began their journey to an eco-friendly future with solar panels.

After discussing Allertex’s needs and aspirations, the team at Low Carbon Energy were able to suggest the installation of a 30 kW solar PV system. This new system would not only generate a significant proportion of Allertex’s energy needs, it would also reduce their carbon footprint by 13 tonnes a year – saving the company money and giving them a clear conscience. The environmental benefits of solar panels for the business were a big factor in the company’s decision-making process along with the commercial benefits of moving to solar.

Graham Robinson, Director, Allertex said:

“The system will reduce our energy bills and provide us with financial benefits of around £5,500 a year. It will give us a competitive advantage in what is a very testing market place.”

“The solar PV system meets all of our objectives. Ged Ennis and his team at Low Carbon Energy delivered a complete turnkey design, installation and commission service with no disruption to our business.

“The return on investment is significant and since its commissioning two months ago we have seen savings of around £1,500.

“We feel it’s a great business decision and would encourage other local businesses to follow our lead.”

Simon Warrington, Commercial Sales Manager, Low Carbon Energy adds:

“It was great to work with our fellow local chamber members, Allertex, and advise them on the best way to reduce energy bills and move to an eco-friendly future.

“The task was straight-forward and completed with ease. There was no disruption to the company’s day-to-day work at all.

“It’s great to hear about the savings Allertex are making already – there will be a lot more great savings to come!”


System Size:30KWP
Annual Output:24,000 KWH
Annual FIT Income:£5,500
Annual CO2 Savings:13 Tonnes


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