Finance the investment of your Solar PV system
Choose; Free Solar, low-rate Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) or outright purchase.

Easy Ways To Pay

Making the change to an energy efficient, eco-friendly solution with Low Carbon Energy needn’t be cost-restrictive. If you’re unable to purchase the system outright we can install our smart technology for you, enabling you to finance your system without any cash leaving your business.

Our service is affordable right from the start and there are a number of finance packages available to each and every customer, as detailed below:

Solar Panels Energy Consultancy Free Solar For Business Energy Efficiency Financing For Schools Energy Efficiency Grant – £5K For SME’s

Energy Efficiency Grant – £5K For SME’s

Reducing your energy costs becomes easy with this low cost, flexible term, unsecured loan, which will pay for the installation of your chosen system. In most cases, the loan repayments are covered by the benefits accrued through the solar panel system, so you’ll find our solutions haven’t cost you a penny! This loan ensures that no cash leaves your business and guarantees you’ll receive the benefits of energy efficient systems from day one.

Energy Efficiency Financing for Schools

For schools and social housing providers we have teamed up with Less Is More Capital, who provide an innovative funding resource devoted to educating disadvantaged children.

As a social enterprise financial institution they aren’t motivated by profit, but instead are focused on achieving their aims.

The concept has the assurance that the Department of Education has confirmed the financial structure and it is classed as an operating lease, an appropriate funding method for schools.

The plan

  • Gifts electricity to schools
  • Gifts the school the surplus of feed in tariff and export over lease payments, and aligns the schools objectives
  • And we provide monitoring for educational purposes as an educational tool for years to come.

Free Solar For Business

With our investment partner we can install a solar PV system on your roof for free, and sell the generated electricity to you at a heavily discounted rate from your current provider. This is known as a PPA (power purchase agreement).

“The engineers were excellent, it has been a pleasure to have them here as we have very rarely seen or heard them.”
Keith Jones, Dairy Farmer

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