Solar Panels for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry
Helping Manufacturing Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Solar Panels for Manufacturing

Solar Panels for the Manufacturing Industry

We have decades of experience with industrial solar panel installation here at Low Carbon Energy, and our team have all the in-house expertise and equipment we need to deliver large-scale solar PV projects for manufacturing businesses just like yours.

Industrial solar panels can provide a significant range of specific advantages for your manufacturing business, such helping to offset any particularly high running costs involved in your most energy-intensive operations, and helping you to cut as much as thousands of tonnes of CO2 from these processes, making a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

How can we help at Low Carbon Energy?

Our experts can design, specify and install your project from the ground up, tailoring it to match your unique energy profile – ensuring that it brings you maximum return on investment. Once your project is installed, we can continually optimise it using our asset management services, to ensure it’s always running at peak efficiency; potentially saving you thousands of pounds. 

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Manufacturing businesses often have large roof spaces that go largely unused, providing the perfect setting for solar panels. 

Solar PV provides manufacturing companies with a potent array of advantages. Some of the most crucial ones (often cited to us by our own manufacturing customers as reasons to invest) include: reduced bills, significant carbon savings, meeting ISO and CSR commitments, securing their position in the supply chain, and adding value to the property. 

The current economic climate has also recently prompted a fresh influx of manufacturing companies looking for reliable ways to cut their costs amidst soaring energy bills – especially since the economic forecast looks similarly unpredictable in the foreseeable future. 

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Why Invest In Solar PV?

  • bulb icon Enjoy a levelised cost of electricity (potentially as low as £0.03/kWh) for your energy
  • icon Significantly reduce your energy usage and spend
  • finance icon 100% asset finance available
  • target icon Meet your CSR / ESG objectives
  • icon Secured electricity for 25 years
  • icon Low maintenance
  • icon Minimal disruption to your business

Industrial solar panels save costs and improve your bottom line

Put simply, a solar PV system puts you back in control of your energy.

It gives your manufacturing business the means to generate your own energy on-site, liberating you from reliance on the National Grid, and the steadily rising national prices. That helps you cut your overheads, making a noticeable impact on your bottom line.

In addition to their immediate benefits, industrial solar panels can also provide long-term benefits and peace of mind too. The cost of solar panels has consistently become cheaper almost year-on-year, while global energy prices have been repeatedly rocked by a series of catastrophes, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Adopting industrial solar panels protects your business from future economic shocks, allowing you to enjoy steady, affordable energy prices.



As a manufacturing business, growing numbers of your customers now expect you to be able to demonstrate your green credentials – and increasingly, the same is starting to become true of partners and suppliers too.

Research has consistently shown that businesses and consumers are now making key judgements on whether or not to deal with a company based on its climate record.

So, if you’re not taking action on climate, you could be losing business.

That’s where industrial solar panels can help. serving as a tangible demonstration of your commitment to sustainability goals. For the best results, they should form the cornerstone of a broader sustainability strategy towards achieving Net Zero – but even on their own, they can easily help you get the edge over your competitors.

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We have a long history of delivering flawless solar PV projects for a wide range of organisations in the manufacturing industry. Here’s just a sample of what some of our customers have had to say:

“This was a superb project – expertly consulted, designed and installed by the Low Carbon Energy team.”
Dominic Drew, Group Managing Director at Board24

“The Low Carbon Energy team delivered our project on time and to budget in a very congested space, and the approach to safety and quality is excellent.”
Les Campbell. Senior Manager at M&I Materials

You can find more details on what we achieved for these companies in our case studies below. (In recent surveys, 100% of our customers said that they would recommend us to others for their commercial solar installations.) Alternatively, get in touch with us today to discover what we can do for your business!


Case Studies

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