Solar Panels for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry
Helping Manufacturing Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Solar Panels for Manufacturing

Solar Panels for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing businesses have always made up a significant proportion of our clientele at Low Carbon Energy, and we have decades of experience with industrial solar panel installation.

Industrial solar panels can provide a significant range of specific advantages for your manufacturing business, such helping to offset any particularly high running costs involved in your most energy-intensive operations, and helping you to cut as much as thousands of tonnes of CO2 from these processes, making a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Invest In Solar Panels?

Previously unused roof spaces make manufacturing businesses ideal for solar PV.

Reduced bills, significant carbon savings, meeting ISO and CSR commitments, securing position in the supply chain adding value to the property are all reasons our clients and businesses just like yours have made the investment in solar. Future proofing your business with our battery storage and smart energy trading are available to companies like yours wanting to secure their future position in the market .

Why Invest Solar PV?

  • bulb icon Enjoy a levelised cost of electricity (potentially as as low as £0.03/kWh) for your energy
  • icon Significantly reduce your energy usage and spend
  • finance icon 100% asset finance available
  • target icon Meet your CSR objectives
  • icon Secured electricity for 25 years
  • icon Low maintenance
  • icon Minimal disruption to your business

Industrial solar panels save costs and improve your bottom line

Over the last few years, increasing numbers of manufacturing businesses have found themselves challenged by steadily rising utility prices in the UK, effectively contributing to exponentially rising costs.

By giving your manufacturing businesses a means to generate your own energy on-site, industrial solar panels can help you to reduce your reliance on the National Grid, cutting your overheads and making a noticeable impact on your bottom line.

What’s more, the growth of the renewables industry means that the cost of solar panels is improving year on year, making them a solid investment for futureproofing your business.


Boost your CSR, and achieve Net Zero with Industrial Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels for industrial buildings is also a fantastic way to make your business part of the ‘Green Recovery’ - which has been a key goal for the entire UK manufacturing sector ever since the end of the first national lockdown in 2020.

An industrial solar panel installation can be instrumental in helping your business to achieve Net Zero, widely recognised as the most realistic decarbonisation target for the manufacturing industry. It’s also a great way to appeal to new customers and investors, who are increasingly demanding that every business they deal with is able to demonstrate tangible Corporate Social Responsibility.


Why should manufacturing companies invest in Solar Panels?

Installing industrial solar panels is an excellent way to efficiently utilise the previously large amounts of roof space typical to most manufacturing buildings, as you enjoy reduced bills, significant carbon savings, meeting ISO and CSR commitments, securing your position in the supply chain, and adding value to your property - all of which are common reasons our clients and businesses just like yours have made the investment in solar. What’s more, it’s never been easier to further future-proof your business with our services and expertise here at Low Carbon Energy, including solutions like our battery storage and smart energy trading.


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