Commercial Sector

With our low carbon, renewable energy solutions, your business can leap into the future and get ahead of the competition. We’ve helped SME’s and large corporations alike to meet their requirements. So why not join them and reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint too?

Commercial Solar Panels
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Schools and Education

Over the past few years, the demand for solar PV in schools and educational establishments has grown. In fact, we’ve already fit a number of installations on educational buildings across the North West.

Public Sector

Our offer of energy monitoring, LED lighting and Solar Panel solutions is a very effective across the board solution for organisations in the public sector. Low Carbon Energy can offer you immediate energy and carbon reduction without the hefty price tag.

Public Sector

Domestic Sector

With a wide range of experience in the renewable energy industry, Low Carbon Energy can help to tailor a cost effective, efficient, low carbon solution for you and your household. We’ll take all your circumstances into account to develop the right Solar Panel solution for you.

Farming Sector

We offer plenty of opportunities for farmers to earn money and reduce their carbon footprint by generating their own renewable energy. Our popular Solar Panel solutions also don’t use up valuable land for growing food crops.

Solar PV for Farming