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Why car parks are lucrative spaces for solar power
29th September 2023

Car parks are the ‘hottest’ space in solar power because they offer a huge number of advantages for solar panel installations. And with commercial solar panels being cheaper and more energy efficient than ever before, now’s a great time to explore what a commercial solar installation in a car park could mean for your business.

Car parks in hotter countries such as Spain have been reaping the rewards of commercial solar panels for decades, but commercial solar technology has now advanced to the point where they’re a viable option for the UK climate too. 

Let’s take a closer look at why car parks are such lucrative spaces for solar power installations.

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Abundant space

Car parks typically have a lot of open space, which means that the performance of the commercial solar panels that you install won’t be hindered.

Direct sunlight

If you exclude multi-storeys from the mix, car parks tend to be large open spaces that are free from shade and obstructions, which means they receive a lot of direct sunlight. This makes them the perfect place to install commercial solar panels, as you’re giving the solar panels the opportunity to perform optimally. Multi-storeys, however, still have their part to play thanks to their…

Strong support structures

The bigger the property, the bigger the solar panel installation can be – but those panels still need to be fixed somewhere. Multi-storey car parks typically have strong support structures, which make them perfect for mounting solar panels.

Convenient locations

Car parks are typically located near buildings and other infrastructure, which makes it a lot easier to connect to the grid and store the electricity that they generate.

Other benefits of solar power car parks

While using your car park to install commercial solar panels is an effective way to use the space, where they truly ‘shine’ is in the lucrative income and positive image they can also generate for your business.

Reduced energy costs

Commercial solar power can help businesses reduce their energy costs by generating (and storing) their own electricity. This can slash energy costs for businesses such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and data interpretation solutions that use a lot of energy.

Improved energy security

Substantially improve your business’ energy security by reducing its reliance on the grid. This can be especially important for companies that operate in areas with unreliable electricity supplies or that are completely dependent on electricity to run. For example, a power blackout would completely hobble I.T. firms.

Reduced carbon emissions

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source, so it can help businesses reduce their carbon emissions, meet their environmental goals, and improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) image all at the same time.

Additional revenue opportunities

Installing commercial solar panels and combining them with battery storage can enable you to sell any excess electricity back to the grid, resulting in residual income. You could even install EV charging points and offer access to customers for a small fee.

Low maintenance costs

Solar panels are incredibly easy to look after, which keeps maintenance costs low.

Increased property value

Thanks to a sustained rise in public opinion about the positives of using green, sustainable energy, solar car parks can now considerably increase the property value of commercial buildings. So, not only could you be investing in your company’s future in an environmentally responsible way with commercial solar panels, but you could be improving its fiscal future too.

Improved employee morale

By demonstrating to your workforce that you’re serious about doing your part to commit to sustainability, you’ll help to improve employee morale within the existing workforce and attract the best candidates to the company for new vacancies too.

Solar power car parks: A commitment to a sustainable future

If you’re a business owner, you should seriously consider either installing a solar car park on your premises or converting your existing car parking space. Commercial solar technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, to the point where it’s now seen as a canny investment.

With guaranteed energy security for 25 years, returns in excess of 20%, and clean energy generated from as little as £0.03/KWH, your car park could be the key to meeting your environmental CSR, attracting the best talent to your company, increasing the value of your property, making a lucrative residual income, and dramatically reducing your energy costs. 

If you have any questions on solar power car parks, commercial solar panels, or battery storage, call 01282 421489 and speak to one of our expert team members for advice.

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