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UK electricity system achieves its greenest ever period over Easter
13th April 2021

It’s long been said that renewables like commercial solar panels are the future of the UK’s energy industry – and as of 2021, the future is now. Over Easter, Britain was powered by record-breaking levels of renewable energy. It’s largely thanks to a combination of sunny and windy weather, coupled with a widespread lower demand for power. This record hasn’t been broken in isolation though – it’s part of a long-term trend of renewables becoming ever more critical to the national energy mix, steadily superseding fossil fuels like coal. So why is this record so significant, and what does it mean for you?

Renewables comprise 80% of UK’s national power

According to the National Grid Electricity System Operator, low carbon energy sources reportedly made up 80% of the UK’s power mix on Bank Holiday Monday over Easter 2021. Only 10% of the remaining power came from gas plants, and exactly 0% came from coal generation. In fact, the ESO went on to say that carbon pollution levels for each unit of electricity dropped to just 39 grams of carbon dioxide, which is the lowest ever recorded for the grid.

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Now, wind power was one of the main players here, at 39% of the energy mix, but solar power played a significant part too, making up 21% of the UK’s overall energy mix. Both technologies continue to prove themselves as forces to be reckoned with, especially since fossil fuel levels have been dropping all year.

It’s the latest in a series of broken records over the last few years:

Not long ago, 2019 was named as the UK’s best ever year for renewable energy
In 2020, we went a full two months without burning coal to generate power
And in the summer of the same year, we remarked on how UK’s increased reliance on renewables throughout Covid-19 could end up being instrumental in defeating coal entirely

Get your business ahead of the curve with commercial solar panels

Essentially, if renewables like commercial solar continue on their current trajectory, they may entirely replace fossil fuels by 2030. Alongside this growth is a growing environmental awareness amongst customers and investors alike, who are increasingly expecting businesses to make tangible demonstrations of their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The successive lockdowns of the last year have given us a lot to reflect on as a society, much of it focused on how we produce and consume resources – not least of which is energy. Now, buoyed by changing consumer priorities, steadily lifting restrictions, and the unstoppable growth of renewables, countless UK businesses are working out how they can ‘build back better’.

If that’s something you’re focused on, you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Low Carbon Energy, we have over 30 years of combined experience in helping SMEs, large corporations and public organisations across a wide variety of sectors transform their energy supply with commercial solar.

Each one of our installations is bespoke, and we tailor your solution on your specific energy profile, helping us to maximise carbon reductions and save you up to thousands of pounds in energy bills. You can take a quick look at our case studies, or feel free to give us a call today on 01282 421 489!


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