Turning the heat up at Crow Wood’s new spa

Posted on 19th Apr 2016 by Ged Ennis

With a busy leisure centre to run and recent renovations bringing the centre’s design and offerings to the next level, Crow Wood, Burnley’s health, fitness and leisure gym, were keen to introduce smarter energy solutions.

Having explored a wide range of renewable energy solutions available to them, the team decided to opt for infrared heating – a cutting-edge solution for a contemporary gym.

When it came to finding the right company to provide their solution, Crow Wood turned to Low Carbon Energy – asking us to design a heating system and supply the Herschel infrared heating products they required.

Their new commercial infrared heating system was to sit alongside a number of fantastic renovations at Crow Wood. Just like the gym’s new outdoor bar with seating and fire pit area, plus the new outdoor pool, our infrared heaters were sure to impress – providing affordable, effective heating to the outdoor spa.

The 15 Herschel XL3 heaters were placed in unobtrusive positions throughout the new area and zoned to ensure efficient heating control and costs. Using our wide range of experience, we were able to design a solution that worked and would last – with minimal disruption and fuss to the wider business.

What’s more, the XL heaters were particularly well suited to the job – being more effective than standard Herschel products and offering an impressive five-year warranty.

About the new heaters, Andy Brown, Woodland Spa owner said:

“The environmental credentials of infrared made our decision easy. You heat people and objects, instead of the space – increasing efficiency and lowering costs.”

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