Tips for installing an infrared heater

Tips for installing your infrared heater Posted on 18th Apr 2016 by Ged Ennis

In the last blog post in our Herschel Far Infrared heater series, we’re taking a look at how to install your infrared heater. Along with all its other benefits, such as its reduced energy usage, natural heat sourcing and better efficiency, Hershel’s Far Infrared heaters are also incredibly easy to fit and install.


Step one: Decide on where to position your heaters

Make the most out of your heaters by placing them near materials that will best absorb the heat, such as wood, carpets and stone walls. Avoid placing your heaters near items that will reflect it or let it pass through, such as shiny surfaces of glass.

The surface area also needs to be strong – our infrared heaters can weigh up to 28kg, although many are smaller than this. Remember that ceiling-mounted heaters also need to be able to support the weight of the supporting wire and electric wire too.


Step two: Follow the installation instructions

Your heater will come with a fully comprehensive guide. A minimum 25mm should be available between the edges of the panel and the ceiling and there should be a minimum distance of 400mm and 200mm either side between objects in front of the heater.

While you can do this yourself, we strongly recommend getting your infrared panels installed by a professional and having the panels ‘hard wired’ into your electrical system by a qualified electrician. At Low Carbon Energy, we’ll be able to pass on recommendations to help you get set up.


Step three: Mount the panel

An enclosed template will help you / your electrician to position the panel correctly. Use this to drill your holes in the correct positions before removing the template and mounting the panel.


Step four: Consider safety

Make sure all your heaters are mounted out of reach. The minimum distance of the unit to the floor should be 2.3-2.5m. The heater should also be mounted at a 60-degree angle, not perpendicularly downwards.

If you plan on using your heater outdoors, an overhead cover of 2m must be available for use with your heater.

Once installed, you’ll have little to worry about when it comes to your heating needs. Your new Herschel Infrared heaters will not only ensure a warm and comfortable environment, they’ll also prove to be a valuable and reliable investment in the long term. Little to no servicing or maintenance is required with our Herschel Far Infrared heaters – meaning the installation really is the hardest bit!

If you’d like to find out more about our infrared heaters, head over to our product page. You can also give Simon or Ged a call on 08456 8080 963 to find out more or to get a quote for a brand new heating system.


We look forward to speaking to you!


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