Renewable energy solutions for the leisure industry

Renewable energy solutions for the leisure industry Posted on 22nd Aug 2016 by Ged Ennis

There are so many reasons why businesses in the leisure industry should switch to renewables. Solutions like solar power, LED lighting, and infrared heating all have their place and can help leisure businesses save money while also helping them do their bit for the environment. At Low Carbon Energy, we offer all these services and more, plus an Energy Consultancy – where we can advise on the best renewable strategy for your business.

Challenges faced by the leisure industry

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Businesses in the leisure industry are typically high energy users. With a customer-focused service, all elements of the workplace and service offering need to be up to scratch to ensure customer satisfaction. As a leisure business, you’ll often have long hours of operation, plus high lighting and heating demands. This can be costly. As a result of these demands, leisure businesses are typically faced with high bills, inefficient energy consumption, and struggle to meet green targets when sticking with traditional energy sources.

Renewable energy solutions, on the other hand, benefit companies within the leisure sector and offer a whole host of perks.

These include:

  • Low cost energy bills
  • Energy independence
  • Improved service for customers
  • Green conscience
  • Improved budget control

Solar PV for the leisure industry

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One of the ways to achieve energy independence is through the use of solar. Solar PV can lower the cost of your energy bills AND offer a second income stream. Powering all those essential systems – like lighting, air conditioning and gym equipment – solar can transform the way your leisure business works.

If your leisure business is interested in solar, the switch needn’t be hard. You can self-fund your own PV system or look into free solar if you work for a larger multi-site brand.

Infrared Heating for the leisure industry

Renewable energy solutions for the leisure industry

Infrared Heating offers another way to reduce your consumption of carbon and lower energy bills. Our Infrared Heating solutions also ensure a more comfortable environment for customers – with spaces neither too hot nor too cold. What’s more, our Hershel Far Infrared Heaters will offer savings of up to 30% on conventional gas heating – and even more on traditional electric storage heating systems.

Crow Wood, Burnley’s health, fitness and leisure gym, is just one of the many leisure centres taking advantage of Infrared Heating. About their new, Low Carbon Energy-installed system they said:

“The environmental credentials of infrared heating made our decision easy. You heat people and objects, instead of the space – increasing efficiency and lowering costs.”

LED Lighting for the leisure industry

LED lighting for the leisure industry

We’ve already mentioned the expense of lighting, but this can be directly addressed with LED Lighting. Our LED Lighting helps you save up to 60% on your lighting bills thanks to bulbs that operate at optimum efficiency. This clean, eco-friendly solution guarantees lower bills and significant carbon savings, as well as improved lighting levels.

For more information on Solar PV, LED Lighting, or Infrared Heating, get in touch today!

Looking for ways to reduce your bills and carbon consumption but not sure where to start? If your business wants to adapt its practises and switch to a renewable energy future, our Energy Consultancy services may be exactly what you need. To find out more about our offerings, visit the our carbon consultancy page.

Do you work in the leisure industry? If so, tell us about your renewable energy plans and any renewable energy installations you have in place. We’d love to know! You can leave your comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo

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