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Everything You Need To Know About The Energy Efficiency Grant

Posted on 26th Apr 2017 by Ged Ennis

If you’re concerned about the potential cost of your solar panels – good news! You needn’t be. Our website details several ways to pay, and if you’re a Small-to-Medium sized business Enterprise (SME), the good news doesn’t stop there. Low Carbon Energy are a Carbon Trust Partner, which means that we can get you access […]

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How The Solar Battery Revolution Is Changing The World

Posted on 18th Apr 2017 by Ged Ennis

We’re at an exciting time for the energy industry. Renewable sources of power have technically existed for hundreds of years, but today sees them picking up momentum at an awe-inspiring rate. Each new year brings with it a whole raft of innovations, and this week at Low Carbon Energy, we’re taking a quick look at […]

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Summing Up The Findings From The CCC Report

Posted on 7th Apr 2017 by Ged Ennis

The latest few steps in the onward march of the energy revolution, the Committee on Climate Change recently published a detailed report on the current state of the UK’s clean energy industry – and that includes solar energy. This week at Low Carbon Energy, we’re taking a quick overview of some of the key findings.

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A Brief History Of Solar Power

Posted on 31st Mar 2017 by Ged Ennis

The modern solar industry is the result of well over a century of scientific discovery, and many of the benefits from solar we enjoy today wouldn’t be possible without the work of these historic scientists. Though some were more active in the field than others, they each built upon each other’s work in a cumulative […]

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How Powerwall Has Transformed Solar Battery Storage

Posted on 24th Mar 2017 by Ged Ennis

Battery storage is a hot-button issue in the renewables sector, and thousands of business are hunting for the most efficient storage solutions on the market. We’ve got a pretty good one here for you at Low Carbon Energy. It’s called the Powerwall, and it already has some pretty amazing achievements to its name.

How To Stay Ahead Of Rising Energy Prices

Posted on 20th Mar 2017 by Ged Ennis

As a leading provider of business energy services, we always keep an ear to the ground for the latest industry news. The energy industry is currently in the midst of some big changes, with many people worrying that rising energy costs are being passed onto businesses and consumers. While it’s true that things are a […]

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Excellent Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Solar

Posted on 8th Mar 2017 by Ged Ennis

Solar’s reputation really has come on in the last few years. Although once seen by some as just an option for environmental idealists, today it’s evolved into a complex and effective energy strategy that’s not only viable for modern businesses, but in fact has tangible benefits over existing energy plans.

bright futures: renewables achieve cost parity with fossil fuels

Bright Futures: Renewables Achieve Cost Parity With Fossil Fuels

Posted on 23rd Feb 2017 by Ged Ennis

Solar energy still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in terms of global progress. The Lloyds Register – a global engineering, technology and business organisation – recently conducted a survey of 600 sector experts across the world regarding the impact of newer, greener technologies. We’re happy to report that the responses were very encouraging!

the most innovative solar projects from around the world

The Most Innovative Solar Projects From Around The World

Posted on 16th Feb 2017 by Ged Ennis

Solar energy is amongst the renewables revolution that’s even now experiencing a surge of popularity and global support. While there are steady steps being taken to make it even more affordable and efficient for homes all across the UK, it’s already being put to use in some brilliantly innovative projects. Here are just a few […]

Roads That Lie Ahead: A Brief Look At Solar Powered Highways feature image

A Brief Look At Solar Powered Highways

Posted on 6th Feb 2017 by Ged Ennis

Following on from the roaring success renewable energy enjoyed in 2016, the global progress towards this form of energy shows no signs of slowing. Electric cars are the exciting new technology grabbing all the headlines at the moment, but here’s one you might not have heard of: solar-powered roads. In case it sounds niche, at […]