how much can you really save with solar

How solar panels benefit farms and agriculture

Posted on 3rd Mar 2020 by Ged Ennis

Farming and agriculture comprises one of our key sectors here at Low Carbon Energy, and our solar panel solutions have a long history of helping clients in this industry to achieve maximum energy efficiency and return on investment. The numerous advantages of solar panels are applicable to a wide range of sectors, but they can […]

Why commercial solar panels are the perfect fit for your office

Posted on 25th Feb 2020 by Ged Ennis

Commercial solar panels are amongst our several key sectors here at Low Carbon Energy, and we’ve got decades of experience in designing systems to maximise energy efficiency and return on investment for our customers. As you might expect, solar panels can have specific benefits for offices and commercial businesses – we’ll explore some of the […]

Renewable energy solutions for the leisure industry

Why renewable energy is more important than ever in 2020

Posted on 28th Jan 2020 by Ged Ennis

Renewable energy has always been a valuable opportunity for UK businesses, but 2020 marks the start of a whole new era. For this year and beyond, changing public attitudes and governmental initiatives will have a significant effect on the renewable energy sector. Commercial solar panels in particular are set to ben more beneficial for businesses […]

Renewable energy benefits the economy

2019 was the UK’s best ever year for renewable energy

Posted on 21st Jan 2020 by Ged Ennis

Renewable energy outpaced fossil fuels for 137 days in 2019, a record number that’s made 2019 the greenest year ever for the UK’s energy sector. This is a truly fantastic achievement, made all the more remarkable when you consider that as recently as 1990, 75% of the UK’s electricity was fuelled by burning coal. Fast […]


Do solar panels still work in winter?

Posted on 17th Dec 2019 by Ged Ennis

In a word – yes. We recognise that you might be after a bit more detail than that, though, so we’ll go into it here. After all, our British winter times are hardly the envy of the world, and most of us resign ourselves to months on end of rubbish weather. If you’ve taken the […]


UK government to introduce Smart Export Guarantee by 2020

Posted on 9th Dec 2019 by Ged Ennis

The Smart Export guarantee is a relatively recent initiative – the most significant announcement of its launch was only in June of this year. However, while it technically only applies to energy suppliers, it’s caught the attention of customers too – and with good reason! If you’ve already heard a bit about the Smart Export […]

cost drops in renewable energy leads to global capacity boost feature image

5 top tips to save on your business energy bills this winter

Posted on 21st Nov 2019 by Ged Ennis

It’s no secret that winter can be a little hard on the wallet when it comes to energy bills, and nobody knows that better than business owners. Businesses have bigger surface areas to keep lit, and more people to keep comfortable during the chilly darker months, and means you can soon find yourself spending increasingly […]

rooftop solar

How many solar panels does my business need?

Posted on 29th Oct 2019 by Ged Ennis

It’s a question our experts often get asked here at the Low Carbon Energy company, and to be honest the answer varies, depending on a couple of different factors which are specific to your business. While you’ll probably find it difficult to get any exact answers without a detailed consultation with an expert, it can […]

solar installation

What’s involved in a solar panel installation?

Posted on 19th Sep 2019 by Ged Ennis

We’ve been installing solar panel systems for over 25 years now and counting here at Low Carbon Energy, working across a wide variety of sectors and industries. Our specialists have installed commercial solar panels, as well as those for retail and educational sectors – just to name a few! The process of solar panel installation […]

Blackout risks make energy security more important than ever

Posted on 17th Sep 2019 by Ged Ennis

Just a few weeks ago, one of the biggest national headlines was the widespread blackout that affected over a million people across England and Wales. Two separate large-scale generators went down, and the official explanation has highlighted a lightning strike as being partially to blame. National Grid officials have assured the public the incident was […]

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