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A quick guide to Power Purchase Agreements

Posted on 21st Dec 2018 by Ged Ennis

Cost savings, energy security, and enhanced green credentials are just a few of the reasons commonly cited by commercial businesses to explain why they’ve chosen solar panels to fulfil their energy requirements. What’s more, customers can even sidestep the issue of upfront costs with a Power Purchase Agreement, which is often particularly helpful for small […]

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1 in 3 UK businesses are now generating their own power. Are you?

Posted on 27th Nov 2018 by Ged Ennis

It’s no secret that public support for the solar energy industry has never been higher. Happily, British businesses are continuing to demonstrate their commitment to green initiatives as well. According to a new report, one in three businesses are now generating their own on-site power commercial solar power. This week, our experts take a closer […]

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New Records In Public Support For Renewables

Posted on 28th Nov 2017 by Ged Ennis

It’s been a fantastic year for renewable energy. As the technology makes steady progress towards being even cheaper and more efficient, public support for renewables is making ever-greater strides, despite the government often not sharing the same faith. So, what’s the state of public opinion now, and how does that affect the UK’s energy landscape?

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3 Great Benefits That On-Site Generation Can Offer Your Business

Posted on 13th Nov 2017 by Ged Ennis

  On-site power generation might not be something you’ve ever considered for your business – but if not, now’s a great time to start! In today’s energy climate, it can offer you more benefits than ever, especially since it shares many of the strengths of solar panel systems.

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Low Carbon Energy Enter New Partnership With Burnley FC In The Community

Posted on 8th Sep 2017 by Ged Ennis

A unique partnership formed between two Burnley Bondholders means there is now a one-stop shop for local businesses who want to become more socially responsible.

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Cost Drops In Renewable Energy Leads To Global Capacity Boost

Posted on 7th Jul 2017 by Ged Ennis

It seems like almost every other week now we’re hearing about a new record set within the energy industry – and positive ones, too! The latest one is this; in a nutshell, throughout 2016 renewable energy capacity was boosted around the world by a record amount. At the same time, the prices for them dropped […]

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Why Your Business Should Switch To Solar

Posted on 30th Jun 2017 by Ged Ennis

There’s no shortage of reasons why it’s a great idea for your business to switch to solar for its power supply. For one thing, there’s the fact that the UK government wants to secure 3% of the UK’s energy supply from renewables by 2020, and are likely to continue offering incentives for UK businesses to […]

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What Does The Paris Agreement Mean For The UK Energy Industry?

Posted on 23rd Jun 2017 by Ged Ennis

The Paris Accord has been around a few years now, but lots of us have been seeing it in the news recently again – largely due to the US exit from the agreement. However, amongst all the furore surrounding that, it’s easy to lose sight of the finer details of the agreement itself, and what […]

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LEGO Hits 100% Renewable Energy 3 Years Ahead Of Schedule

Posted on 16th Jun 2017 by Ged Ennis

Danish toys behemoth LEGO has hit the headlines recently – having notably committed to several renewable energy projects in recent years, they announced their intention to hit full energy efficiency by 2020. They’ve actually achieved that three years ahead of schedule – a top achievement! This week on Low Carbon, our experts take a quick […]

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Record-Breaking Solar Power Hits The Headlines Again

Posted on 8th Jun 2017 by Ged Ennis

Solar power continues to soar ever higher, as a record amount of solar power was generated recently. British people basked in the summer heat all across the country, while around a quarter of our energy mix was powered by solar alone. It’s the latest in a series of record-breaking achievements for renewable energy – and […]

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