New Records In Public Support For Renewables
New Records In Public Support For Renewables
28th November 2017

It’s been a fantastic year for renewable energy. As the technology makes steady progress towards being even cheaper and more efficient, public support for renewables is making ever-greater strides, despite the government often not sharing the same faith. So, what’s the state of public opinion now, and how does that affect the UK’s energy landscape?

Renewable Energy Is More Popular Than Ever

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The governmental Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy periodically gauges the UK’s opinion on renewable energy using its public attitudes tracker. In May of this year, 79% of the respondents surveyed said that they supported renewables, with only 1% firmly opposed. We’re happy to report that this majority appears to be climbing even further, with the Department’s latest tracker showing a staggering 82% support for renewable energy.

In these most recent results, solar energy was once again the most popular renewable technology in the UK. An incredible 85% of respondents were firmly in favour of solar PV – which is more than any other renewable technology, including offshore wind, wave power and tidal energy. Though there has been a decline in government support for certain types of renewable energy in recent years, industry experts hope that the overwhelming public support will reinvigorate the government’s interest in it.

There’s already a clear contrast between support for renewables as opposed to shale gas fracking, which has experienced a sharp decline in public opinion; only 13% support it. This is speculated to have a lot to do with the difficulty of shale gas extraction here in the UK, as opposed to its relative ease in the US (where it remains a heavily controversial issue).

What’s Behind The Support For Solar?

There are lots of reasons to love solar energy, and nobody knows them better than us here at Low Carbon Energy. To begin with, there’s its sheer quantity – unlike finite fossil fuels, we will never run out of sunlight. (If we ever do, we’ve probably got bigger problems to worry about!)

Then there’s the fact that solar panels don’t require any cords, cables or external power sources, which makes them both easy to install and convenient to run. On that note, the lack of moving parts means that there is drastically reduced wear and tear on solar PV equipment. What’s more, the energy you collect through the panels is yours and yours alone. Plus, since you capture it during daylight, it is by definition more valuable.

With all these advantages going for it, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners and businesses are choosing solar panels to fulfil their own energy needs! Here at Low Carbon Energy, we’re only too happy to answer any questions or queries you might have. Why not see what our solar panels can do for commercial businesses, or alternatively have a look through which sectors we serve to find out how they can specifically benefit your business.

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