New battery storage systems coming September 2016
New battery storage systems coming September 2016
21st July 2016

At Low Carbon Energy, Battery Storage has been one of our main offerings since the early years of the business.

If you’re thinking of getting solar panels, or already have them in place, battery storage is an ideal add-on. It allows you to store the excess electricity generated from your solar panels during the day – meaning you get “free” usage at night. Battery storage is also an ideal solution in those areas that commonly suffer from electricity blackouts. The solution ensures no loss of supply – allowing you to use the stored electricity you’ve built up.

Our Battery Storage solutions are set to get even bigger and better though in the coming months. We are currently testing and trialling a few battery storage systems to ensure we have the best product for you and your home or business premises. Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be launching our new systems and offers in September of this year. Of course, as an e-news reader, you’ll be first to hear about our chosen battery storage systems too!

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